Immediate pain relief measures for gout

Immediate pain relief measures for gout

A type of arthritis, gout results in sudden attack thereby causing burning pain, swelling in the joints, stiffness in a joint, etc. Unless and until the person suffering from gout treats the problem, the attacks continue to happen. Over the period of time, these attacks cause severe harm to the joints, tissues, and tendons. In case a person happens to get a gout attack, and you do not what to do for immediate pain relief, here are some of the measures that can come handy.

Applying ice on the affected area
In order to get instant pain relief when gout strikes, one can apply ice on the affected area. Ice works as a quick therapy for inflammation. All the more, ice will cause numbness in the joints thereby relieving the pain. One can continue to apply an ice pack for around 15 to 20 minutes in order to get immediate pain relief from the gout attack.

Home remedy with Epsom salt
Considered as one of the popular home treatments for immediate gout pain relief, Epsom salt helps in lowering the blood pressure. It contains magnesium that also improves blood circulation. All you have to do is, pour around two to three cups of Epsom salt to the bath and soak the affected area in the water until you get relieved from the pain.

Cider vinegar daily can be an effective measure
Cider vinegar has properties of curing acid reflux, improving diabetes, and also helping in weight loss. Similarly, if you have cider vinegar regularly with some honey twice a day, then it helps in avoiding gout pain.

Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration
Dehydration will cause the gout attack to turn severe and you would not be able to tolerate the excruciating pain. It is a known fact that a dehydrated body is more susceptible to gout attacks and so, it is very important to drink plenty of water daily. This also helps in proper functioning of the kidneys and leads to frequent urination that excretes the uric acid from the system. Water is helpful in preventing the formation of uric acid in the joints, thereby keeping gout pain away. In order to get immediate relief from gout pain, drink plenty of water daily to keep your body hydrated.