How to heal blisters using home remedies

How to heal blisters using home remedies

Everyone has suffered from a blister at least once in their life. Blisters are a sensitive, damaged body tissue that is caused by friction and can be painful and infuriating. They are small pockets of fluid that pop up under the layer of the skin. Blisters may be filled with blood, pus, or a watery substance that is part of the blood and is known as serum.

The pain that comes with blisters depends on the cause of the condition. They typically itch or hurt when pressure is exerted on the it. A blister may develop as one circular burble or in a cluster of many bubbles. Commonly, blisters appear on the feet and is caused due to friction between the footwear and skin. These blisters are not very severe but can cause pain when carrying out an activity such as walking. So how to heal blisters using remedies at home?

Here are few easy ways to heal blisters immediately and get rid of that itchy pain:

Aloe vera – Aloe vera is a magic-ingredient that is lauded for its healing properties all around the world. Used as a primary ingredient in commercially produced soothing creams and lotions, aloe-vera is anti-inflammatory. It thus helps relieve the redness and swelling caused by blisters. It also hydrates the skin, fastening the healing process.

Salt water soak – The affected area should be soaked in salt water. This may hurt a little in the beginning as the sodium comes in contact with the blister. However, it does help in healing the blister. This home remedy may not bring immediate results and should be used in combination with another home remedy.

Apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar packs several antibacterial properties that can prevent the blister from becoming infected. The vinegar will help in killing any existing bacteria, however, be careful, application of this ingredient can send down a painful sting. Wash off the vinegar with cold water if this home remedy is too painful.

Green tea – How to heal blisters with green tea you wonder? Well, green tea is an excellent source of anti-inflammatory properties and soothes the blister as well the surrounding area. Soak a green tea bag in warm water and apply the wet bag on the blister. You can also wash off the blister with the green tea infused water.

Practising the above remedies will help you understand how to heal blisters at home. However, if the condition of the blisters worsens, consulting a medical professional is necessary.