Home remedies to ease enlarged spleen symptoms

Home remedies to ease enlarged spleen symptoms

Enlarged spleen causes several complications including infections, blood diseases, liver problems, issues with the lymph system, and the like. Enlarge spleen symptoms are usually treated according to the severity of the condition. While limiting movement can help curb enlarged spleen symptoms for some, people with drastic enlargement may have to resort to surgery. Apart from vaccines, medications, and surgeries, several natural methods can help ease enlarged spleen symptoms. Some of the commonly used remedies effective to sooth enlarged spleen symptoms have been listed below.

Incorporate dietary changes
One of the primary cures of enlarged spleen symptoms includes maintaining a well-balanced diet. If you experience loss of appetite, you can choose to eat softer foods that can be easily chewed and digested. People with enlarged spleen symptoms should immediately stop overeating and avoid eating foods that are hard on the stomach. Avoid foods rich in protein and fats and include a diet that is rich in fiber. People who have enlarged spleen symptoms should surely avoid dairy products, soy, sugar, refined oil, processed foods, and the like.

Keep yourself hydrated
Since enlargement of the spleen can lead to indigestion and other digestion related issues, it is important that you increase your daily intake of water to enable your spleen to function well and sooth enlarged spleen symptoms more quickly. Most doctors recommend drinking at least 10 glasses of water throughout the day.

To prevent enlarged spleen symptoms, it is important that you stay physically active and keep your blood circulating. Regular exercising helps increase blood flow to the digestive tract. Apart from exercise, therapies like infrared saunas, massages, and foam rolling can help support the lymphatic system to detox and get recovered.

Try having onion cooked water
Drinking onion boiled water thrice a day with some olive oil is known to soothe enlarged spleen symptoms gradually. This concoction is an excellent remedy that helps decrease levels of blood lipids, removes toxins, and helps protect the heart.

Increase the intake of nutrient-rich foods
Many vitamin and mineral rich foods help sooth enlarged spleen symptoms. Blackstrap molasses, capsicum, ginger, and the like are some of the items that help manage enlarged spleen symptoms and prevents people against spleen related issues. Foods rich in vitamin C also helps reduce the risk of spleen disorders. Since the nutrient is a natural antioxidant, it boosts immunity and helps fight against spleen disorders.