Home remedies to control high blood pressure

Home remedies to control high blood pressure

High blood pressure, in simple terms, can be explained as a condition wherein the blood pressure is too high for the artery walls to handle. The problem with high blood pressure is there are no know symptoms of the same and, if not treated in time, can lead to severe health conditions like heart disease and stroke.

Although there are a number of medical treatments and medications available to control high blood pressure, home remedies have been somewhat effective with minimal side effects. Common self-treatments, including maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly, are just some of the remedies which can help in controlling high blood pressure.

Here are a few popular ones to name:

Salt intake: Not exactly a remedy, but a simple habit which can help lower and normalize blood pressure levels. Salt forms an essential part of our day-to-day diet, but too much salt or the component sodium in the system can disrupt the delicate balance of essential fluids in our body. This in turn causes the blood pressure levels to spike up.

Coconut water: Coconut is a versatile fruit which seems to have a number of healthy solutions to ailments at a bare minimum of the cost. Since this fruit is available in abundance almost everywhere. Coconut water contains potassium and magnesium which are components good for muscle function, the most important one being the heart muscle to pump blood through the body. Consuming coconut water twice a day will take care of the heart muscles and ensure too much force is not needed for the pumping action.

Ginger and cardamom tea: Spices form an integral part of any diet and some spices have warming properties which is good for blood circulation. With a good diet plan, combined with tea maybe twice a day, will ensure a good supply being pumped through our system.

Tomatoes: Red in color, rich in beta carotene, vitamin E, and antioxidants, tomatoes can help cut down blood pressure drastically ensuring a healthy and normal heart rhythm for pumping. Being a versatile ingredient which can be used in almost every type of savory or raw dish, these red delights are a great and affordable option to include in your daily diet to control blood pressure levels.

Beetroot and radishes: Both vegetables are rich in nitrates which acts as a vital counter in controlling blood pressure. Beet and radish juices are simple to make, although the taste might not be necessarily good, but not all healthy things taste good for that matter.

Other ingredients, fruits vegetables, etc. which help lower blood pressure levels include turmeric, cats claw, hawthorn, hibiscus tea, dark chocolate, cayenne pepper, ginger, sesame, pomegranate, celery, garlic, carrots, and more. But above all, exercise being the most important ingredient and habit which will ensure a healthy and active lifestyle.