Exercises to cure trigger finger

Exercises to cure trigger finger

When there is an inflammation in the tendons of the finger and thumb, a trigger finger condition occurs. When the inflammation in the tendons appear in the thumb, it becomes triggered thumb. Tendons are tissues that are thick and tough enough to bind the muscles with the bones.

There are membranes that are always lubricated and that makes the tendon movements smooth but there are times when despite the lubrication there comes inflammation and swelling. It is when the inflammation is prolonged the tendons’ motions slow down.

If you want to know how to cure trigger finger, here are some exercises you can try at home:

– At times, trigger finger can be caused by repetitive motions from driving, playing sports like tennis etc. One of the exercises that can help your tendons heal and ease the pain you can try is by placing your palm on a flat surface with your fingers and thumb apart and lifting each finger one after the other. Don’t miss out of any finger, lift them slowly and deliberately and keep each finger raised for one second or more.

– For the next exercise, you will need a rubber band that you can wrap around your fingers and thumb and expand by drawing your fingers and thumb apart and clutch them back together and keep doing it back and forth. Again, be slow and keep it going for some minutes.

– In the next exercise, you need to touch the nail of each finger to your thumb making a circle shape with your finger and thumb. Keep the repetition going for at least 10 rounds and then we can move to the next exercise to find out how to cure trigger finger with more exercises.

– Here you need to hold a ball that can fit in your palm, so, use a tennis ball and place it in your palm and grab it by clutching all your fingers around it and then unlatch. Do this exercise for some minutes for couple of times a day.

– Clutch your fingers together in a fist and then release. Repeat this for some time and keep doing this exercise from time to time throughout the day.

Most times when people are asked how to cure the trigger finger at home, doctors recommend that they massage the joint area that has been affected by trigger finger. Massaging helps the trigger finger by increasing the blood flow around that area and that eases the inflammation.