Essential information on staph infection

Essential information on staph infection

The bacteria that cause staph infection, called Staphylococcus aureus, live on everybody’s skin and are mostly dormant until they are triggered. Lack of hygiene trigger the bacteria and that results in staph infection. The cases of women getting or contacting staph infection after visiting a beauty salon in the country are surprising yet true. Staph infection can spread if no hygiene is maintained. Hence is it immensely important for people to stay aware and clean.

There are some body parts that are more prone to picking up the staph infections than the others. If you are thinking that the most common body part to catch staph infection is the nose and mouth, then you are partially wrong. This is because your feet are more prone than any other body part to catch an infection from the floor.

Keeping your floor clean and sterilized will prevent you from catching a staph infection. If you have to walk without shoes on a floor where cleaning is not possible, then always wear socks. This will keep your feet from coming directly in contact with the dirty floor and keep all the signs of staph infection away.
Once you have identified the infection by focusing on the signs of staph infection, there are ways you can try to get rid of staph infection.
Boils, impetigo, cellulitis, are some of the skin infections that are a sign of staph infection. Other uncommon signs of staph infections are: skin

How to get rid of staph infection?
The only way to get rid of staph infection is by treating it. There are antibiotics you can take that help in curing the disease. Before you get yourself some over-the-counter medicines, it is better if you consult your doctor first. The doctor will look at all the signs of staph infection and accordingly prescribe you the right antibiotic. In most cases, the antibiotics for treating staph infection are cephalosporins, nafcillin or vancomycin. Wound drainage is another way to treat the staph infection if you have a skin infection. Here, the doctor will drain the fluid out via incision in the sore.

How to prevent staph infection from affecting you again?
It is not that difficult to prevent yourself from staph infection. People get infections from other people because of low immunity. So, if you have once suffered from staph infection, make sure you work towards strengthening your immune system so you never catch this infection again. Other than immunity, you can pay attention to personal and surrounding hygiene as we discussed above.