Effective plantar wart removal treatments

Effective plantar wart removal treatments

Plantar warts are caused by a viral infection that affects the top layers of the skin. These are noncancerous skin growths, do not cause any harm, and can be removed easily without any specific treatment. Removing plantar warts without any such treatment can be time-consuming, for instance, it might take a year or two in some of the cases. Plantar wart removal can also be painful at times, and therefore it is necessary to keep a close watch on these and keeping one’s feet clean and germ-free. These are also painful and can spread but with proper medication, treatment, and care; one can remove plantar warts easily. One can also resort to some of the home remedies that are effective in plantar wart removal.

Here are two of the effective plantar wart removal treatments that can be helpful in treating the same:

Also known as freezing therapy or freezing medicine, cryotherapy involves the application of liquid nitrogen to the plantar wart. This procedure of treatment is mostly done at your doctor’s clinic, so do not try doing the same at your home as this requires doctor’ or specialist’s observation. The liquid nitrogen is applied using a cotton swab or spray and the treatment might be painful at times, so it is necessary that the doctor numbs the area where the wart has appeared.

By using liquid nitrogen, there are blisters caused around the wart, and within a week or 10 days, the dead tissue sloughs off. It must be necessary for the person to visit the doctor for multiple treatments, till the wart disappears completely.

There are studies that also prove that cryotherapy stimulates the immune system to fight with other viral warts and do not let them occur.

Salicylic acid
One of the effective plantar wart removal medications, salicylic acid removes the layers of a wart over a period. The acid also helps the immune system of the body to fight with the wart-spreading virus and do not let them spread. It is important to take this medication or treatment through doctor’s prescription, and the doctor would also suggest you visit the clinic occasionally to check with the wart.

There are some cases of genital wart. These are common and caused by a specific type of HPV. Genital wart treatments include the use of prescribed medications or by surgically removing the wart. One can also find vaccines that help protect an individual against genital-wart causing strains of HPV.