Easy ways to quit smoking

Easy ways to quit smoking

Smoking can start as a one-off thing and slowly become an addiction. There comes a time after which even quitting can seem a distant thought, which is why the following remedies should be tired out as effective treatments to quit smoking.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture can control your cravings for a cigarette. Medical professionals will manipulate pressure points by inserting needles around your ear lobes, which is alternatively referred to as auricular acupuncture. There are many pressure points on your body which can be manipulated to get a desired response or reaction which is auricular acupuncture has proven somewhat an effective treatment to quit smoking to help gums also.

Change your routine: Smoking is a habit, but it is also influenced by a number external of factors and your schedule mainly. Changing your place once in a while, your sitting position, where you have your morning coffee, who you meet, everything combined can influence your smoking habit.

Visual therapy: Visual influencers can prove to be a very effective treatment to quit smoking, help gums and promote healthy oral care. Make a list of all the possible and horrible side effects of smoking on a regular basis. Write it down every day to condition your brain that smoking is bad for you, hang a copy of this list at your desk in the office.

Whenever you feel the temptation or urge to light one up, take a look at the list and contemplate on the number of health problems that can arise due to smoking. Positive conditioning will not only make you quit but also will provide you with the confidence and strength to not fall back into the habit.

Create a barrier around you: Make up your mind that you will not hang out with people who smoke or urge you to have a cigarette. Even if it means shutting out your loved ones who smoke or your best friend. Creating a no smoke barrier around you will help get rid of this disgusting habit and also might help condition the people who smoke around you. Conditioning therapies have proven to be one of the effective treatments to quit smoking and help gums recover from the bad exposure over time.

Take a game break instead of smoke break: Tempted to take a smoke break? Take a game break instead. You don’t have to be a die-hard fan of playing RPG and strategy games, but surely a game of solitaire or even chess might help take your mind off that smoke break you need badly.

Changing your actions: Smoking requires the same repetitive action to take a drag, let out and follow the process. Switch your cigarettes for a pack of peanuts or snacks that might keep your hands busy and take your mind off those cigarettes instead. This activity will at best mimic the actions and oral sensations that you get from smoking.