Dangers of high blood pressure and how to avoid them

Dangers of high blood pressure and how to avoid them

As the name suggests, high blood pressure is a condition where the flow of blood in the arteries is faster/higher than it should be. High blood pressure is also commonly known as hypertension.

High blood pressure causes lot of problems to the rest of the body including heart, central nervous system, excretory systems, sexual dysfunction, eyesight, and skeletal system.

The arteries are naturally flexible, strong, and elastic. High blood pressure can affect the functioning of arteries by tampering their ability to open and close. When the blood pressure is too high, the walls of the arteries respond by pushing back the blood harder, which makes the muscles of the arteries to grow bigger resulting in thicker walls. Thicker walls lead to narrow passing for the blood that raises the blood pressure further.

There can either be a blockage in the artery or the arteries can burst causing a heart failure or a stroke thereby affecting the central nervous system. Hypertension/high blood pressure can also cause problems in the kidneys by damaging the blood vessels that are in the kidneys or are leading to the kidneys. This also leads to various kidney diseases such as kidney failure or kidney scarring”where the tiny clusters of blood vessels inside the kidneys get scarred leading to inability of filtering waste.

There are tiny, delicate blood vessels that are attached to your eyes supplying blood to the eyes. High blood pressure can cause damage to these blood vessels too. The damage caused to the blood vessels that lead to the eyes can cause bleeding in the eye, blurred vision, or a complete loss of vision.

When the blood flow to the sexual organs in men and women is slowed, it effects the sexual functioning in both. High blood pressure also increases the calcium in the urine that leads to excess of bone density as there is loss of calcium through urine.

To control high blood pressure and avoid the dangers, there are certain lifestyle changes that should be made to lead a danger-free life.
Start with losing excess weight
Start exercising and continue exercising regularly for as long as live
Switch to healthy diet only. Avoid unhealthy food completely
Decrease sodium intake in your diet
Limit the alcohol intake and cigarette smoking