Causes of chronic fatigue and how to treat them

Causes of chronic fatigue and how to treat them

The treatment of CFS are directly related to causes of chronic fatigue. Early diagnosis and treatment by making changes in lifestyle can make a lot of difference

There are cases where a person can make a full recovery from symptoms and return to perform day to day activities. Chronic fatigue syndrome can last for a longer period and if diagnosed and treated properly, the symptoms can be controlled and improved with time.

There is no single way of treating chronic fatigue syndrome as one particular treatment might not work for 2 different individuals.

The doctors will first discuss various options related to treating CFS based on the patient’s circumstances and preferences. And after a series of diagnostic tests, they will deduce the causes of chronic fatigue. They will help you develop a treatment plan based on the causes of chronic fatigue.

Let us take a look at some of the treatment options:

CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy)
Cognitive behavioral therapy is a treatment option for mild symptoms of CFS. The person might get relief from the symptoms by simply making changes in the behavior. It can help one gain better understanding regarding your behavior which might affect the condition. CBT helps a person feel more in control of their symptoms.

Graded Exercise Therapy (GET)
It is a structured program that aims in increasing the duration of your physical activity. It usually comprises of those exercises that gradually increase your heart rate such as swimming, brisk walking, and all those exercises that can improve a person’s physical ability. GET needs to be strictly carried out in the presence of a trained specialist that has a prior experience of treating Chronic fatigue Syndrome. The therapist will set goals as a part of the exercise program based on how severe the symptoms are.

there are no particular medications that specifically treat CFS. There are over-the-counter painkillers that can help ease headaches and other kinds of joint pains. Antidepressants can be administered to the people who are experiencing trouble in sleeping.

Diet and supplements
It is important that you eat a very healthy and balanced diet. If a person is feeling sick due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, then eating starchy, eating less and often and staying hydrated might help. Include foods in daily diet that are rich in vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Magnesium, and enzyme Q10.

Setbacks and relapses is a period when symptoms of a condition get worse with time. They can be caused by a number of factors such as infection or an unplanned activity. Thus it is important to include more breaks from current activities, learning relaxation, and breathing techniques, and being optimistic about recovery from the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome.