Causes and Treatment methods for COPD patients

Causes and Treatment methods for COPD patients

Many people make drastic lifestyle changes after receiving a health scare. It works well if you make these amends when the time is right, but if you start changing unhealthy habits in the niche of time, the chances are high that the damage is already done and is quite difficult to reverse. One such ailment that builds over a period of time, and sudden lifestyle changes cannot control is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

What is COPD?
COPD is a disease that affects the lungs and the respiratory functions. When the lungs are affected, it affects ones’ ability to breathe. People who suffer from COPD have chronic lung problems and experience trouble breathing. The treatment of COPD patients is a prolonged one, and these treatment methods allow the patients to attempt to lead a normal life.

What are the causes of COPD?
COPD is an outcome of one’s blatant abuse of the body. The foundation of this disease is laid when the lungs are damaged due to smoking. Even passive smokers aren’t safe from the onslaught of COPD. COPD is a combination of two disease- Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema, the former is characterized by the inflammation of the bronchial tubes and the presence of mucus; whereas, the latter affects the air sacs and affect its elasticity. The misery of both these diseases combined gives rise to COPD.

What are the treatment options for COPD patients?
COPD cannot be cured overnight, and the treatment methods for COPD patients is a prolonged one. The following treatment methods are used for COPD patients-

  • Medications– The pain experienced by COPD patients is excruciating, so to ease this pain and control COPD, the physician prescribes certain medications. Of all the pain-relieving medications and the ones to clear the lungs, bronchodilators have proven to be quite effective. As a treatment for COPD, glucocorticosteroids is also prescribed. This is to reduce the inflammation.
  • Oxygen Therapy- Since COPD patients have trouble breathing due to the damage to their lungs, Oxygen therapy has proven to be a useful treatment method for COPD patients. This is also done in a bid to prevent a heart failure resulting due to a lack of oxygen in one’s body.
  • Lifestyle Changes– Since COPD is largely a result of a faulty lifestyle, which involves smoking and the use of tobacco, one needs to make amends to these. Quitting smoking, following a healthy diet, and seeking the right professional help is also a kind of treatment for COPD patients.
  • Surgery– Surgery is a treatment option for patients with chronic COPD. One such treatment for COPD patients is bullectomy, where the surgeons remove large damaged air sacs from the lungs, and the other surgery involves lung volume reduction to get rid of the damaged lung tissue. Surgery is the last resort for treating COPD patients.