6 common causes of breast pain

6 common causes of breast pain

Breast pain is experienced by most women, with nearly 70 percent reporting the same at least once in their lifetime. The pain may occur in the breast or anywhere around the chest. While breast pain may send down a fear of breast cancer, it isn’t always true and can be caused by several other factors.

Also known as mastalgia, breast pain is categorized as cyclical pain and noncyclical pain. Cyclical pain is caused due to hormonal changes in the body, before or during menstruation. Noncyclic breast pain causes include injuries or trauma to the muscle or tissues of the breast. The pain can be felt like a mind-tingling or an intense and sharp burning sensation.

These can be several breast pain causes and here a few common factors:

Hormonal fluctuation – During the course of life, a woman’s body goes through hormonal fluctuation at every stage. A flection in the levels of estrogen and progesterone is one of the most common breast pain causes. The breasts begin to pain and feel lumpy. This pain tends to increase with age as the body becomes more sensitive towards these hormones with age. When pain is caused by a woman’s periods, the pain usually subsides at the end of the cycle.

Foods The foods a woman consumes or the diet she follows can contribute to breast pain. Women who indulge in unhealthy foods that are high in sugars and fats are at an increased risk of suffering from breast pain. Also, unrefined carbohydrates should be avoided.

Breast surgery If one has undergone a breast surgery, the pain is likely to remain even after the surgical wound is healed, at least for a while. This is especially true in the case of surgery performed on a scar tissue formation, even when the incisions have healed.

Medication If one consumes certain kinds of medicines on a regular basis, it can lead to the development of breast pain over time. These drugs include infertility treatment medications, oral contraceptives, antidepressants, etc.

Bra Wearing the wrong kind of bra is one of the most common breast pain causes. Many women wear poorly fitted bras that are either too tight or too loose. These bras are not able to support the breast properly. Thus, causing the breast to hurt.

Breast cancer Although most people do not feel pain in the chest before being diagnosed with breast cancer, some kinds of breast tumors may leave a woman with an uncomfortable feeling. In case, if a discharge accompanies the pain from the nipples, a lump is felt in the breast or redness around the breast, one should consult a doctor.

In case, the breast pain does not subside after two weeks, it is necessary to visit a physician and understand the cause of the pain.