5 popular treatments to manage degenerative disc and joint disorder

5 popular treatments to manage degenerative disc and joint disorder

Both degenerative disc and joint diseases affect the spine of an individual. There comes a point in everyone’s life where their spine starts getting excessively strained due to the lifelong stress and pressure it endures. This does not happen suddenly; it is a slow, gradual deterioration and wearing of the tissues that causes these spinal conditions.

In degenerative disc disorder, the spinal disc, which acts as a shock absorber and provides a cushion to the vertebrae, starts wearing out.

On the other hand, a degenerative joint disorder can occur to any of the major joints of the body, the facet joints in the spine being the commonly affected ones. Here, the cartilage of the facet joint that allows us to bend and twist our spine freely starts breaking down.

Since aging is the primary cause of both degenerative disc and joint diseases, there is no such preventive measure that will save you from developing these spinal conditions. The good news is that there are several treatment options that will help you control and manage degenerative disc and joint diseases.

Here are some common treatment options that doctors suggest for a patient suffering from degenerative disc and joint diseases. When it comes to treating both degenerative disc and joint diseases, the main goal is to alleviate the pain caused by the inflammation and to ensure that the damage does not become worse with passing time.

Here are some of the common treatment options that doctors recommend:

Medicinal drugs
Your doctor might suggest you some pain relievers like aspirin or ibuprofen that will soothe the inflammation caused by both degenerative disc and joint disorders. Many patients with degenerative disc also suffer from muscle spasm. In such cases, your doctor might prescribe over-the-counter medication that will help if you get a spasm attack.

Physical therapy
For long-term relief, indulging in physical therapy is a smart choice. The physiotherapist will show you specific exercises that will help to strengthen your neck and back muscles, which in turn will support your spine.

Targeted exercises
Men and women suffering from degenerative joint disorder should indulge in low impact, which is a targeted workout that will help them to manage the symptoms better.

In severe cases of degenerative disc disorder, the doctor might suggest discectomy, which is a surgical method by which the injured part of the spinal disc is removed. Some cases might also demand the removal of the whole disc and then replace it with an artificial disc.

Complimentary treatment options
Along with the above mentioned primary treatment options, you can consider seeking relief from heat & cold therapy. Posture too plays a vital role when it comes to both these spinal disorders. Make sure that you do not slouch and always have a great posture. Wearing the right foot ware is another way in which you can ensure that your condition does not become worse.

You can easily manage degenerative disc and joint disease with proper treatment and some targeted positive lifestyle changes.