5 Major causes of UTIs

5 Major causes of UTIs

Our body has been designed to know what is beneficial for it and what would bring it in harm’s way. Thus, our mechanisms allow the waste products from our body to exit and makes room for better things to remain. When you have to answer nature’s call or take a morning dump, that is your body’s way of ridding you off the bad materials that would otherwise plague your body.

There are instances when you feel you have to pee frequently which causes great uneasiness since you are on your way to work. Or, there are times when you experience a tingling sensation when you pee which is followed by a burning sensation. This is when the most normal task becomes an agony. The culprit here is the Urinary Tract Infection commonly known as UTI.

UTI occurs in men as well as in women, but it mostly affects women. Here are the prime factors that cause UTI:

  • Diabetes- The UTI causing bacteria are big-time sugar fans and the surge in your blood sugar is what they are on the lookout for. When your blood sugar is high, it exits your body through urine. Under such circumstances, the urinary tract becomes a favorable place for these bacteria to grow. So, the high sugar content in your blood becomes the culprit here
  • Sex- Yes, sex is a major reason of contracting UTI. The sexual act can lead to the transfer of bacteria to the vaginal cavity and the bacteria multiply in no time. People usually disband it as a myth and do not understand the gravity of the issue. It is necessary to pee within 30 minutes of the act, this would get rid of the bacteria
  • Less water consumption- It is a known fact that your body needs water to survive. However, what we don’t know is that our urinary tract requires water to stay healthy. The more water you drink, the more toxins are flushed out of your body
  • Holding it- This is the most common cause of UTIs. When you hold your pee for a long time, you are giving the bacteria a perfect ground for growing and flourishing
  • Birth control- If you keep switching between birth controls, the changes in the hormones might result in UTI. Also, use of diaphragms and spermicides can increase your risk of contracting UTI

UTI might come across as a nightmare for everyone, but the good news is that there are home remedies for UTI that wouldn’t have you running to the physician right away. The UTI natural remedies ensure that you wouldn’t suffer from any allergic reactions that would worsen your condition.