5 grave symptoms of kidney disorders

5 grave symptoms of kidney disorders

Being healthy and leading a “disease-free” life is almost everyone’s motto. Nobody likes being confined to the bed. Most of the disorders we suffer from are self-created, whereas some are hereditary in nature.

When our body becomes vulnerable to any disease or disorder, it begins to show signs of the same, which most of the times goes unnoticed. Similar things happen when you are diagnosed with kidney disorders and you are left wondering when did this happen? You have to educate yourself regarding the symptoms of kidney disorders which would help timely detection.

Here are the common symptoms that your body would display if you are suffering from kidney disorders:

  • Fatigue- If the easiest of the tasks tire you out, then the matter is a serious one. Any kind of disruption in the functioning of your kidneys would result in the built up of all toxins in your body which would increase the level of impurities in your blood. You can also fall prey to a very common kidney disorder called anemia, which is mostly responsible for you feeling tired all the time.
  • Dry and itchy skin- Dry and itchy skin indicates that there’s something wrong with the your kidneys. Your kidneys cleansing your systems, create new blood cells and adjust the level of minerals in your body. When your kidney fails to function properly, the level of minerals in our blood goes haywire and thus, you experience dryness and your skin becomes itchy.
  • Frequent urination- There are instances when you might feel the urge to pee quite frequently, and too at night time. This happens when the kidney filters are damaged and it cannot perform its functions properly. Thus, you feel the urge to pee every now and then.
  • Blood or foam in your urine- If you have witnessed blood in your urine or it has become very foamy, your kidney is suffering. When your kidney filters are damaged, the blood cells start leaking into your urine, thus you see blood in your urine. Foamy urine indicates the presence of proteins. This happens when your kidney filters are damaged and proteins, instead of being retained in your body, are flushed out.
  • Swollen ankle and feet- Swelling on your ankles and feet indicate high level of sodium in your body. Had your kidney filters been working to their utmost capacity, sodium would have been flushed out of your body.

These are some of the warning signs, which when they surface, are not to be ignored. If you detect the kidney disorders in their initial stages, it can be cured, or else it can prove fatal.