4 treatment methods to treat shin splints effectively

4 treatment methods to treat shin splints effectively

Everything, when practiced in moderation, helps us lead a normal life which is devoid of a majority of problems one faces. However, even in our bid to lead a healthy life, the very process of trying to keep ourselves fit can end up putting ourselves in danger. It happens when we try too hard to push the boundaries set by our body in order to attain our goal quicker than it is humanly possible. This is quite common among athletes or fitness enthusiasts who push themselves to test their endurance. At times, the results are quite favorable, and at times it can go horribly wrong.

Fitness enthusiasts, especially runners, are quite familiar with shin splints. Shin splints are every runner’s and athlete’s nightmare. It is characterized by pain and tenderness in the lower half of the legs, especially the shin. Also, one can see bruises and small bumps appearing on the surface of the shin. Shin splints are a result of running on uneven surfaces or running for too long. Even sticking to your worn-out shoes can cause shin splints. However, shin splints can be treated.

Here are some effective tips to treat shin splints.

  • Cold compress– In case of muscular injury, doctors always advise to use a cold compress to reduce the pain. Cold compress works wonders by reducing the swelling, and the inflammation caused due to the injury. Use the cold compress for around 20 mins and wait for the swelling to subside. Also, keep a cloth between the ice pack and the skin to avoid a frostbite.
  • Physical therapy- Another method to treat shin splints is to go in for physical therapy. The physical therapist will know which exercises are to be performed to help ease the pain caused by shin splints. One cannot expect a miracle overnight; the process will be a gradual one. The low-impact exercises will help reduce the pain and help facilitate easy movement after regular practice.
  • Cherry juice- In order to relieve pain immediately, cherry juice is a potent way to treat shin splints. Cherry juice contains antioxidants called anthocyanins are known to reduce the inflammation caused by the injury. Cherry juice eases the soreness and excruciating pain caused by shin splints.
  • Deep tissue massage- Massages are known to give a sense of relief to people. As a method of treating shin splints, people usually opt for deep tissue massage. Choose the essential oil of your choice and warm it. Massage it into the affected area, this will increase the circulation of blood to the part of the body and will relieve you of the misery inflicted by the injury.

Shin splints are mostly a result of reckless ways of exercising. So, set realistic goals for oneself.