4 major treatments for kidney disorders

4 major treatments for kidney disorders

Human bodies, though devised with great precision, is vulnerable to different illnesses, which at some point of time can prevent us from leading a normal life. However, almost all kinds of disease can be treated.

One of the common disorders that people are prone to are kidney disorders. There are a variety of reasons why one suffers from kidney disorders: diabetes, high blood pressure, hereditary causes, unhealthy lifestyle, etc. You can heave a sigh of relief since there are different treatments that can help you fight kidney disorders valiantly.

Here are some of the popular treatments for curing kidney disorders which would put you on the road to recovery.

  • Changes in your lifestyle- If you have aptly identified the symptoms of a kidney disorder in the initial stage, then you won’t have to undergo major treatments. Your physician would advise you to make changes to your faulty lifestyle. You have to change your diet, for instance, you would be asked to reduce your sodium and sugar intake, quit smoking, go easy on your alcohol, and finally, start exercising.
  • Medication- Diabetes and high blood pressure are common causes of kidney disorders. Diabetes leads to a spike in your blood sugar, which causes irreversible damage to your kidneys. High blood pressure affects the blood cells in the kidneys and impairs their functioning. If any of these factors are the responsible for your kidney disorders, then your doctor would prescribe medicines to bring them under control, which in turn would save your kidneys from further harm.
  • Dialysis- Dialysis is a form of treatment that you undergo when your kidneys cease to function completely. Dialysis is the only way out. It is of two kinds- haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. In the former one, the impure blood is diverted to a machine, where it is cleansed and sent back to the body. Whereas, in the latter procedure, the dialysis fluid is pumped into a cavity inside your stomach to draw out the impurities from the blood passing through the vessels that line the inner part of your stomach.
  • Kidney transplant- If your kidneys barely function and dialysis cannot suffice as an option, kidney transplant is the only saving grace at your disposal. Kidney transplant involves a major surgery and lifelong medication to prevent your body from attacking the donor organ. This a form of treatment that is only advisable when there are no other alternatives left.

All these treatments are quite intimidating and undergoing a prolonged treatment would affect a person’s will after a certain point of time. To avoid being confined to the bed, we have to guard all our organs, not just kidneys, quite fiercely.