The GameCube console – A winning product from Nintendo

The GameCube console – A winning product from Nintendo

The market of video gaming consoles happens to be a highly competitive one. This is a market that was initiated in the early 1960s. Since then, the video gaming console market has seen a huge number of changes and also an influx in the business volume. This is one of the reasons why the sector has also seen a large number of changes and the emergence of a large number of brands and designs of gaming consoles. Likewise, you can also see a huge number of brands, both giant global players and the local companies who have made their stand in the market.

Amongst them, Nintendo, the Japanese company, is a rather prominent one. This is a company that had come up with a large number of different designs and models of gaming consoles which took the market by storm at different periods of time. One such model was the Nintendo GameCube console.

Facts about the Nintendo GameCube console
The Nintendo GameCube is a model of home video game console. This version was released in Japan in the year 2001. The same version was released in North America in November 2001. This version was released in Europe and Australia in 2002. The Nintendo GameCube is the sixth generation gaming console that is in tough competition with the products of Sony and Microsoft.

The GameCube console is the very first console from the house of Nintendo that makes a use of Optical discs. The design of these discs is similar to that of mini DVD. As a result, these consoles are rather compact in their designs and dimensions. These consoles are however not adequate to play regular CDs and DVDs. This is a console that also supports the features of online gaming through the use of the modern adapter and broadband services. The players can make use of the handheld as a second screen and also as a remote control.

The model of the GameCube received a lot of praise. The reviews were positive. The design was praised for its features and also the design of its controller, the nature of its extensive software, and the high quality of the various games that have were incorporated. However, the model was criticised for its simple external looks and the lack of more intricate and stylish designs and features. Nintendo sold nearly 22 million copies of the GameCube. Nintendo also released GameBoy and GameBoy Advance which also took the market by storm. The GBA prices were set as per the market standards which made it possible for many to avail these amazing game consoles.

The GameCube is one of the most celebrated video game console models that has been used and loved by millions across the world, setting new trends in the market.