Cooking with bourbon, interesting recipes you can try at home

Cooking with bourbon, interesting recipes you can try at home

Bourbon can be used in a number of recipes creatively for a twist in the classic flavor and preparation method. Here are ten interesting variants of the classic dish incorporating some of the finest bourbon.

Chilli with a bourbon twist: If you like chili and also enjoy the occasional swig of aged bourbon, then this recipe will certainly tantalize your taste buds. If you can’t have it bottoms up, pour a generous helping of the best bourbon you can find your classic chili recipe to give it that extra kick.

Sausage puffs with bourbon mustard: An upgraded version of pigs in a blanket featuring chicken sausages wrapped in delicious buttery puff pastry, to be served with a tangy helping of mustard spiked with the best bourbon you can find in the market.

Spinach salad with a kick: A bourbon vinaigrette, drizzled over a delicious spinach salad, just the right amount of crunchy and creamy with bacon and blue cheese. A healthy salad recipe with a kick, rather!

Bourbon grilled cheese: Grilled cheese has always been a home made classic. With the recipe being modified slightly to introduce a nice generous swig of the best bourbon, enough to cut through the cheddar cheese oozing with the goodness of butter.

Bourbon sweet potatoes: Baked sweet potatoes drizzled with bourbon, giving a nice twist to the classic potato casserole recipe. The earthy rich flavor of the bourbon combined with baked sweet potatoes will certainly make an excellent conversation opener for your next big party.

Maple bourbon banana pudding: Maple and bourbon together will make a vibrant and creamy sauce base for this classic banana pudding recipe. Grab a spoonful of beautiful buttery, moist cake with a generous helping of the sauce to enjoy the blissful union of the best bourbon and banana pudding.

Pineapple bourbon shake: This tropical fruit boasts a sweet and tart taste, a perfect balance for all the sweet tooths out there. Adding a swig of the best bourbon will not only enhance the taste but will also cut through the tropical acidity of the fruit for you to enjoy something sweet with a nice kick.

Bourbon and grapefruit cocktail: The big Texan classic, you cannot ignore this colorful beauty. The citrusy taste of grapefruit combined with the best bourbon, tangy with just enough kick to cut through the flavors ever so delicately.

Chocolate bourbon tart: The chocolate bourbon tart is a blissful combination of rich dark chocolate combined with premium bourbon blend baked to perfection.

Bacon and bourbon brownies: Brownies are the classic ‘pick me up’ comfort food, sweet and rich in flavor to tide you over that bad day you have been having. Add a couple of spoons of bourbon to the recipe to enhance the flavor.