Top 5 Stocks to Buy in 2018

Top 5 Stocks to Buy in 2018

The stock market has always been considered as a lucrative investment option. The market movement has an impact on the value of the stocks and can give you huge returns on your investment. If you are considering investing ins tocks, then the following are the top 5 stocks to buy in 2018.

Apple Inc.
Always at the top, Apple Inc. has had an impressive year. One of the top 5 stocks to buy, Apple became the first $1 trillion company in the world. It has a high market value and is one of the best investments you could possibly make. The company recently unveiled a new range of products, which will increase the price of the stocks. Even if you invest in the stock now, there are chances of the same doubling in the long term.

Ryanair Holdings
This European budget airline is all about low cost and expansion of its market size. It has become one of the top carriers by traffic and is growing by leaps and bounds. The carrier has a cost advantage that has made it one of the top 5 stocks to buy this year. The stock has the potential to grow in the coming months with the end of the strike of Irish pilots.

Spotify Technology
This online music streaming company went public this year and has performed well since. Its shares went up about thirty percent. It saw a growth in monthly active users and premium subscribers by more than forty percent. The company is not generating profits yet, however, there are high chances it will become profitable very soon.

Celgene Corporation
This biotech giant is one of the top stocks to buy this year. It did reach a short-term low earlier, but it has bounced back very nicely. It is an ideal bet for investors who want to gain access to the currently booming healthcare sector and the gene editing market. It has the potential to achieve plenty of upsides in the coming months.

Oasis Midstream Partners
The Houston-based company paid a seven percent annual dividend to the investors. It is rated high due to the dividend payout and is an ideal option to diversify your portfolio.

These are some of the top picks from the market. Consider your risk appetite and investment criteria before investing into one of the top five stocks. Investing in stocks entails a high risk; however, there is also a possibility of high returns and growth in the near future.