Learn all about dental insurance

Learn all about dental insurance

While we are all aware of the need for taking out a sound medical insurance policy, there remain many questions on the necessity and means of taking dental plans of medicare.

How much should I pay a premium for dental insurance?

Present statistics on dental insurance reveal that the majority of dental coverage plans, require an annual premium payment that ranges between $20 and $50 per person per month, depending on the kind of insurance policy, the sum insured and the nature of intervention sought.

What is the difference between Medicare and Medigap dental plans?

Medicare coverage offers insurance cover only for dental check ups that are essential before undergoing a major surgery like a kidney transplant of which dental health is important. In some cases, the Medicare plan may also cover hospitalization for any infection resulting from a dental procedure. Original Medicare plans do not cover routine dentistry such as fillings, cleanings or tooth extractions.

How do dental insurance plans work?

Dental insurance plans most commonly cover a percentage of costs incurred for diagnostic and preventive dental care, routine cleanings to maintain dental hygiene and prevent plaque formation, essential dentistry services such as tooth extractions and fillings, oral surgery, endodontic and periodontics procedures. The percentage of coverage may vary from the first year of the policy.

What is a dental advantage plan?

Since traditional Medicare doesn’t cover most routine dental services, insurance companies offer what is known as a benefit plan that includes a part of the cost of preventive and health promotive medical interventions, including dentistry.

How do I get dental insurance?

Most people can avail of dental insurance under an employee insurance policy that is taken out by the employer or under a group insurance policy. You could also opt for an individual dental policy contracted through insurance agents. All dental insurance policies will necessitate a monthly or annual premium payment. The annual cost of dental insurance premiums may range from US$ 240 to U$$ 600 depending on the kind of coverage on specific services offered under the plan in question.