A quick guide about car insurance in Washington

A quick guide about car insurance in Washington

Whether you drive regularly or occasionally, accidents may occur anytime. You cannot always prevent it. What you can certainly do is to plan ahead and protect yourself. Your car could meet with a crash, get stolen or get damaged due to a fire. Whatever may be the case, you must get the right kind of car insurance to save yourself from expensive bills or lawsuits following it. Here is a quick rundown about getting the right car insurance in WA.

Compulsory third party or CTP insurance
It is a minimum and compulsory amount of protection. You will automatically get CTP insurance once you buy and pay for a car registration. It will protect you and give you cover if you cause any injury to another person in a car accident. This means it will cover you if you injure any third parties accidentally. But it does not cover car or vehicle damage.

Third party car insurance
Third party car insurances will cover you for damage, legal costs, and repairs to other or third party vehicle in an accident. Remember that it will not cover you for your own car. It will help you and will cover you up to a certain limit if you indulge into an accident with an uninsured driver at fault.

Third party with fire and theft
This insurance will cover your car if it gets stolen or catches on fire. In this case, if you are involved with an uninsured driver who is at fault, you may get repairs to your car up to a limit.

Comprehensive car insurance
This is the highest insurance cover. If your car is damaged due to fire, theft, accident or weather it will entitle you to a replacement or extensive repairs. It will also provide cover for any other car that has been damaged by you. It gives you the cost of the repair, irrespective of who is at fault. It costs more than the other types of car insurances but it gives you a lot more security too.

This guide is also applicable for car insurance in NY, NV, MS, MI, and MA. You can also look for various affordable car insurance quotes available through shopping online.