Different Gemstones You Can Consider To Embellish Your Jewelry

Different Gemstones You Can Consider To Embellish Your Jewelry

Different gemstones you can consider to embellish your jewelry

While jewelry can be made from any material, it is predominantly made from precious metals and gemstones. Jewelry made from just metals can look plain and gemstones bring about the real look, making your jewelry pieces look even more stunning.

All gemstones share a common beauty, and each one is cherished for its own unique and distinguished look. Moreover, gemstones bring with them special color and are found in a particular region. Gathered from all around the world, gemstones are treasured since ancient periods and thus are widely used to embellish expensive metals. If you are wondering which are the gemstones that you can design your metal jewelry with, here are few that you should explore:

Diamond: ‘Diamonds are forever’ is the most famous statement when it comes to diamond. This precious stone is one of the most desired objects, especially among women. The hardest gem of all, these stones are found deep down in the surface beneath the earth and form after several years. Diamonds have been surrounded by several mythological stories and each story carries a different history lesson. The gemstone has also been lauded for having supernatural healing powers. Whether the amazing stories behind diamonds are true or not, they are the most beautiful stones to embellish the jewelry for both men and women. A symbol of eternal love, diamond jewelry is worn all around the world.

Emerald: The emerald gemstone flaunts a beautiful and warm green color. With the color of spring, emerald jewelry has always been on the mind of women who love color and nature. Symbolizing love, emerald gems are believed to aid fertility in women. So how do you know which is the most precious emerald stone? The gemstone is of great value if the color is deep and vivid. Emeralds are one of the rarest gemstones to be found and can enhance any metal such as gold, silver, and platinum.

Jade: Jade is the most treasured stone, especially in China. The stone is believed to protect the body of the emperor and is widely considered to work as a protective shield among the masses. Jade gemstones have a vivid green color which slightly looks like emeralds. However, they are found in yellow, pink, white and lavender as well. The stone has a sparkly shimmer and can be embedded in necklaces and rings.

Pearls: These are popular gemstones and have also been worshipped among mankind. Natural pearls are very rare to find and now are widely cultured using manmade techniques. Today, pearl jewelry is widely worn by women around the world and as it carries a classic, yet contemporary look.

Topaz: Topaz is another exceptional gemstone and is one that appeals to most masses. Often found in a golden hue, this stone is also found in pale pink and blush orange. Today, with advances in technology, topaz is found in various hues, especially blue. Topaz on jewelry can send down a spell that will amaze everyone around you.

Opal: Opal was known to be the mother of all gemstones as it encapsulates the vivid colors of all gemstones. Each opal gemstone is unique and the most beautiful one comes with colors of the rainbow. What is amazing is that opal jewelry can be worn with a range of ensembles.

What are you waiting for? Be it your special occasion or your best friend’s wedding, get yourself a gemstones jewelry piece. You can also treat yourself a piece of birthstone jewelry.

What is even amazing is that gemstones not only make your jewelry look glamorous, but also are a great investment. Depending upon the type of stone you opt for, you may be lucky to fetch a big amount on your precious gemstone jewelry. However, you should undertake a few tests and check for other standards before ahead with your purchase. Gemstones can be precious or semi-precious, and this can be derived from their origin and unique creation.