5 Things To Watch Out For In A Digital Watch

5 Things To Watch Out For In A Digital Watch

5 things to watch out for in a digital watch

When it comes to accessories, women tend to have an array of options. Since men don’t wear jewelry that often, a good watch is practically one of the most important accessories for men to own. Watches for men also reflect their style and personality. Since the watch is almost an extension of your style, it is essential that you invest substantial time and thought in selecting the perfect watch for yourself. While most people believe an iconic or elegant watch makes for a good buy, there exist many people who care more about durability and everyday use. If you are someone who wants a watch that is both tough and stylish, you can opt to buy a digital timepiece.

Digital watches or “tough digitals” are a hot favorite among adventure lovers, fitness enthusiasts, and people who prefer to don sporty gear casually. What makes these digitals so appealing is their rugged construction and shock resistance. Many men find the adventure-ready features of these digital timepieces most useful. Contrary to analog watches, the considerations of buying digital watches differ massively. Digital watches are, essentially, more function-oriented and have little to do with the form. Apart from merely displaying time, these tend to carry a great deal of information. Here are a few things to consider while buying digital watches.

Water and shock resistance
Digital watches are more versatile in terms of usability as they can bravely stand up to mild abuse. Minor falls, watermarks, and other low-intensity accidents can efficiently be handled because of their shock absorbing materials. Suspended internals and things like urethane and bezel help withstand minor falls. Most digital watches are also up to 30m water resistant. People who wish to swim can consider buying a 200m + digital watch.

Power source and battery support
One of the most common demerits of using a digital watch is that it runs out of battery faster than analog watches. While many digital watches have batteries that last for several years, some watches may only run for a year or so. It is, therefore, important that you ensure that the battery you own has a reliable battery back up. As a good alternative to the battery, you can try looking for solar powered watches that get recharged on their own.

Display and legibility
Digital watches are easier to read than traditional analog watches with complex numeric systems. However, the presence of certain sensors in digital watches can meddle the display and affect the performance of the watch. It is essential, therefore, that you look for watches that have a right balance of information and readability. A good reason to buy a digital watch is its backlighting that adds visibility in the dark.

Additional features
Apart from these, you can gauge the type of usage and purpose you need to fulfill with these digital timepieces. For instance, some watches tell altitudes, outside temperatures, weather alerts, GPS directions, atmospheric pressures, and more. In case all these features are of utility to you, you can go ahead with a digital watch that carries and displays all these information on its face.

Diving watch
A diver’s timepiece is one of the most enviable accessories that everyone wishes to collect. If you are a diver or someone who finds utility in a diver’s watch, you can give this type of digital watches a try. Based on your requirement, these watches have water resistance up to 200m to 1000m.