Shop at a Dooney & Bourke factory outlet near you and save big

Shop at a Dooney & Bourke factory outlet near you and save big

Handbags and wallets are accessories that women love to carry when they step out. Handbags come in a variety of materials and sizes. When you go shopping, you get to choose between handbags made of synthetic and leather. Which is a better option? Well, if you want your handbags to last longer, then go for leather handbags because they can withstand rough use and scratches and scrapes will not be visible.

Leather is known to be the most ideal material for handbags and wallets because it is strong and resistant. A leather bag can protect the contents of the bag more securely than the synthetic ones. So, what makes the leather bags so appealing? Here are some of the advantages that a leather bag comes with:

Ages gracefully:

The best thing about leather is that it gets better with age. With time it becomes soft and tans deeper, bringing an intensity to the color of the leather skin.

Natural Scent:

Leather bag smells pleasant with its natural scent whereas synthetic bags give out of chemical odors releasing toxins due to the manufacturing process.


Leather bags are more durable than synthetic bags. When you purchase synthetic bags, you will find them wearing out in 6 months and you have to buy a new one. But leather bags are durable and with proper maintenance, you can use them for years together. Even if there are small damages, you can get it repaired with little cost.


With regular use, synthetic bags get damaged. But leather bags become better with frequent use.

Dooney Bourke Outlets Handbags:

Fashion designers at well-known brands make handbags that hardly ever go out of style. Dooney Bourke is one of the leading American manufacturers of designer handbags and fashion accessories. The handbags in their American style leather collection are handcrafted and are available in classic designs. Dooney Bourke Outlet Handbags are popular for their quality and durability. Usually, designer leather handbags or wallets can be pretty expensive. However, if you can make a purchase at a factory outlet you can get a decent deal. So, when you are thinking of purchasing a beautiful Dooney and Bourke handbag, shop at the Dooney Bourke factory outlet near you and enjoy a good discount on the actual price. You can find factory outlets of Dooney Bourke all over the United States. Other than factory outlets, you can find the products of Dooney Bourke at prominent stores like Macy’s, Lord and Taylor and Dillards.

Features of Dooney Bourke Outlets handbags:

As the Dooney Bourke Outlets handbags gained popularity, many fake versions started to flood the market. Every designer brand has its own signature features that make them unique and different from others. And that’s what makes them so expensive and stylish. Some of the authentic features of the Dooney Bourke Outlets handbags are as follows:


The Dooney Bourke Outlets handbags are made of genuine vachetta leather. You can find high-quality trim, piping, and accents on the handbag.


Most of the Dooney Bourke Outlets handbags have red, blue and white tags. The tag is usually sewn inside the bag and has a serial number. Some of the vintage bags have a green colored tag sewn in them.


The products are appreciated for their craftsmanship. High-quality stitching is a hallmark feature of Dooney Bourke handbags. The handbags also have Dooney Bourke logo embossed on most of the bags.

Find an authentic Dooney Bourke handbag or wallet and make your style statement loud and clear wherever you go.