How to shop for casual dresses when you are in your sixties

How to shop for casual dresses when you are in your sixties

Clothes maketh the man, and there is no denying the phrase. While you are keen on presenting yourself attractive and elegant when young, you start losing interest in following the fashion trends after hitting the sixties. But it not necessary that just because you are old, you should not take an effort to dress well.

Age is just a number. If you have heard this proverb, you know that you can be a fashion icon even if you are over 60. It is a striking fact that most of the latest fashion tips and trends expressed and promoted online are related to youngsters. But that doesn’t mean that you should feel disheartened.

It is essential to dress well even in your sixties and seventies to feel good, despite all the issues that come with old age. So even if you no longer follow what is in Vogue, you can still browse through contemporary clothing lines according to your preference and pick something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. All you need to do is look around to find the best fit to be the casual chic as you were in your yesteryears.

Here are some inspiring casual outfit ideas for women over 60:

  • Maxi is always in style
    A maxi is the easy-to-wear and comfortable-to-carry outfit that counts as casual dresses that women over 60 years like. It is also available in a large number of prints and designs to express your style and personality. Just because you are going above 60 does not mean that you should have dull and drab outfits. With grace, one can pull off a vibrant yellow maxi dress and sport a jolly look.
  • T-shirts or baggy tops
    An evening event or a meet over coffee demands nothing more than a casual outfit and no other comfortable top other than loose t-shirts can steal the deal. A nice pair of jeans or trousers paired with a baggy t-shirt can glam up the look to a whole new level. This outfit is one of the casual dresses, women over 60 prefer as it gives a comfortable and laid-back feel that goes well with.
  • Sundresses women over 60 like
    Among the casual dresses for women over 60, sundresses are a type that is pretty suitable. These dresses are made up of light fabric and can also make great casual outfits and work as summer dresses women over 60 can wear. These dresses display colors and patterns that can be worn in the morning as well as during the day time.
  • Team up with the scarf
    Along with your attire, instead of a hefty chunk of junk jewelry, a scarf can team up and spur the entire look in no time. Casual dresses for women over 60 feature majority apparels that are comfortable to wear. So a scarf can be tied around the neck of a shirt or a top to give it the edge and the stylized look. Moreover, if the top is a dull grey color or if the entire outfit is in undertones, a bright stole or a scarf can not only add a different look but also give it a very chic look, making you fashionable.

When a woman is above the age of 60, the first lookout factor becomes a comfort. At this age, anything worn with a grace and the idea of blending comfort and style will look good. Shrugs, stoles, cotton pull-overs, loose trousers, comfy mid-waist pants, and dresses are all good for casual wear. The best idea for the outfit is to contrast pastel shades with vibrant colors to give an overall elegant look.

Remember that fashion is all about portraying self love. So, dress like you wish to and steal the show.