Things To Consider While Buying The Best Smartphone

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Smartphone

We have all had our share of good and bad experiences with smartphones ever since they came into being. It is obvious that no device is perfect and each one will have its own pros and cons that need to be watched out for. If a brand is intending to provide some exclusive features in its best smartphone, it will definitely make a cut here and there to keep it within an affordable price range. The choice is yours with respect to what features you are looking for essentially and what you can easily do without. While opting for the best smartphone for yourself, spend some time thinking about the following aspects:

  • Version
    The first thing to look for is the latest version of the software in the smartphone. Whether you are choosing an iOS-based device or an Android-enabled one, make sure that the phone encompasses the most recent version, or at least, is capable of being updated to it from Nougat. Oreo is ruling Android-based smartphones, while iPhones are equipped with iOS 11 as the latest operating system.
  • Variety
    If you are looking for a number of options to choose from, Android phones are your perfect pick since these devices offer a multitude of specifications at different prices. For example, one can select from Galaxy S8, Pixel 2, Note 8, etc. depending on the individual needs. On the other hand, Apple devices are a bit limited in that context. However, there are certain unique features which one can enjoy only if they own best smartphones from the tech giant.
  • Budget
    This, of course, is the most important consideration and requires careful contemplation before taking a decision. On one hand, there are people who are concerned with getting some great features in any device at an affordable price, on the other, there are loyalists who will not shift to any other brand. They are even ready to pay a hefty sum for the latest and the best smartphone that is released by their favored brand. For example, iPhone X has recorded high sales despite the huge price tag of $999, when there is One Plus 5T available in the market that offers pretty similar features at half the price approximately.

As far as the features are concerned, the following are important aspects on the basis of which many buyers take their decision of purchasing the best smartphone:

  • Screen size
    Smartphones are available with a display ranging from 5 inches to 6 inches. For example, the iPhone X has a display of 5.80 inches while the Google Pixel is huge enough to have a screen of 6 inches.
  • Camera
    Today, smartphones have assumed the role of cameras as well where many of them offer a feel for professional photography. The LG V30 is the best smartphone for picture taking after Google Pixel 2. Generally, the higher price you pay, the better front and back facing cameras you get.
  • Battery
    No one will ever choose a phone that cannot stand a day’s activity. The battery is another vital feature, a reason why Nokia phones are still in the market despite average specifications. A battery is usually judged on the basis of the maximum time period for which one can talk on the phone without charging. Asus Zenfone is a good example of this.
  • Storage
    Prices of smartphones vary according to the different storage spaces offered. For example, iPhone 8 is available from 64GB to 256GB while the One Plus 5T can be purchased in 64 GB and 128GB variants. In fact, prices of iPhones even depend on the color you wish to opt for which are rose gold, space grey, and silver. However, other Android phones such as Moto G5 have an expandable memory card.

Both Apple and Android smartphones are characterized by their own respective set of advantages and disadvantages. While the latter offers more choice and battery, the former is more reliable and secure.