Free Government Cell Phones – A Boon To Citizens

Free Government Cell Phones – A Boon To Citizens

We live in a world where we cannot stay apart from our smartphones for a day as the cell phones have become the essential component in our lives. From keeping in touch with friends and family to order groceries every day to get emergency help, everything is done with the help of cell phones.

Concept of Cell Phones

Smart cell phones are in a rage in the current time because they are portable and perform multiple functions. You can dial a number to call your favorite person or text the person to let him/her know that you are not far from away him/her virtually. Abolishing the habit of traditional landlines from everybody’s life, smartphones are ruling the market of the electronic devices today.

Pros and Cons of Cell Phones

Like all the good things in life, cell phones come with their own certain set of good and bad factors. The usual advantages found in every smartphone are as follows.

  • Acts as a life-saving option because dialing one number can give you utmost level of security and protection through certain apps
  • You can be informed in every minute where your friends are heading to or can guide you through every step
  • From making memories by taking photos, recording voice notes, and storing written notes, every little task is done with the help of smartphones now
  • Easy to access and carry around. Convenience is one of the key success factors of the cell phones

Among all the positive factors, the negative ones cannot be overlooked:

  • The most negative aspect of smartphones is that people are becoming dependent on these electronic devices more than ever. Moreover, the habit of using smartphones is compelling people to undertake the leisure life
  • Children and adults are engaging themselves in cell phones nowadays, which leads to lack of urgency of exercising and bringing a sense of isolation around them.
  • Security can be a threatening issue for all the phone users as hackers can steal your personal and sensitive data from the device
  • Smartphones are health hazardous as they are hampering users’ eyesight. It is found that excessive use of cell phones can result in brain cancer

Significance of Using Free Government Cell Phones

Keeping the essential need of using cell phones, the government has taken the initiative of giving people away from the smartphone devices free of cost. Here is a list of free cells that one can check out,

Infiniti Mobile

This cell phone company gives one of the more popular calling devices in the government program, which provides people with unlimited talk time and texts practically free of cost. Additionally, if people pay only one dollar in every month, he/she can enjoy 2.5 GB of data. The drawback of this service is that you need to be a citizen of Oklahoma.

  • Users can opt for any of the plans from the two. The Oklahoma Lifeline Plus Plan offers 500 MB data, 1700 texts and 1500 of talk time by paying only $1 and taxes
  • If you pay for the Oklahoma Lifeline Unlimited Plan, you will receive 2.5 GB of data along with the unlimited talk time. To continue this kind of perks, you have to pay $1 along with taxes and fees

enTouch Wireless

Available in the entire country including Missouri, Azkaban, Colorado, Indiana, Minnesota, Iowa, and others. These free government cell phones have become popular because they are operating the market where there is a high demand for smartphones.

  • The residents who belong to the tribal category are given the option of receiving unlimited talk time and texts. Additionally, 2.4GB data is added to their plan
  • There is a 500 MB plan that permits you talktime worth 100 calls and 500MB in every month
  • Other citizens of the states can get 100 texts and 500 minutes of talk time per month
  • The 750MB plan is specially made for the people outside of California and only the tribal citizens

There are many more providers of free government cell phones to choose from apart from the ones mentioned above. Visit your state’s official website for more information.