5 Best Smartphones Available In The Market

5 Best Smartphones Available In The Market

Having to buy a smartphone is a challenge in itself especially when there are so many big brands that claim to sell the best smartphone. The problem of choice comes to the forefront and one is left with no option but to choose a device that is easily available. If you are not from the tech domain and the plethora of attributes offered often leaves you overwhelmed, have a look at our list of the best smartphones made available by brands in the premium category.

iPhone X
The hype created by Apple’s latest offering is definitely worth the specifications it offers. With facial recognition unlocking as standard along with a superb battery life, the iPhone X is said to be the best smartphone brand till date. With augmented reality slated to become the next big technology, Apple has equipped its device with features that are capable of supporting it. The facial recognition feature works in the dark as well meaning that the phone boasts of some really good infrared system. However, to enjoy these supreme features, get ready to dish out a minimum of $999 for a basic 64 GB variant.

Galaxy S8
If the iPhone ever had a competitor, it was always from Samsung. For Android lovers, the Galaxy S8 is the best smartphone due to a multitude of aspects such as the edge to edge display and water-resistant properties. The camera and screen quality also catch one’s fancy. But that’s not all; the price of the phone has fallen considerably, which makes it pretty affordable. The starting price is $725, although the phone can also be purchased by paying $30 as monthly installments for a total of 24 months by availing the Samsung Financing Scheme. As part of the brand’s limited period offer, one can also get AKG Bluetooth Headphones free of cost. For a bigger screen, you can always consider the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

Pixel 2 XL
This smartphone has a huge fan following particularly on account of the brand name associated with it. The Pixel 2 XL comprises of the latest offerings from the house of Google such as the popular Google Assistant feature which is capable of responding to voice inputs and offering a personalized interaction. Moreover, the Pixel is bound to receive the latest updates from Android which means that the smartphone will stay up to date at all times. With Artificial Intelligence ruling the device, the Google Pixel 2 XL is definitely one of the most promising phones currently.

OnePlus 5 T
When it comes to affordability, this phone emerges as the ultimate winner. Firstly, the sleek aesthetics of the phone lend a premium feel to it. The option of expanding the storage is not provided, but then 64GB is not less anyway. On the brand’s official website, the device is available for a starting price of $500, where the price keeps on increasing according to the storage space and RAM offered. The powerful camera adds depth to every picture and lays emphasis on every minute detail. The OnePlus 5T encompasses many features of the iPhone or Samsung devices such as edge to edge display and facial recognition making it the best smartphone at that price.

If you thought that LG has not been able to keep up with the competition, then let us tell you about this smartphone that is a flagship offering from the brand. With features such as Snapdragon 821 processor, 5’7” display and aluminum construct, the approximate price of $550, is somewhat a fair deal. The product can be purchased from Amazon, Best Buy, T-mobile, Verizon, U.S, cellular, Sprint etc. which offer exciting deals to choose from. However, the processor still lags behind its competitor i.e. Samsung S8 which encompasses a Snapdragon 835. Moreover, with the expected release of the G8 in early 2018, this phone is set to become cheaper.

The above-mentioned smartphones will surely meet your requirements. Which one would you prefer?