Notable features of the Samsung S10 series

Notable features of the Samsung S10 series

The Samsung S10 series has introduced smartphone users to a new world of possibilities. A faster processor, a great camera, more storage space coupled with a stunning display are just some of the highlights of the latest in Samsung’s flagship series. The Galaxy S10e is the most affordable and compact device of the lot. The latest launch of the S10 5G has also created quite a buzz among users.

Here are a few notable features of the Samsung S10 series.

The Samsung S10 boasts of a design that not only stands out but also stands apart from competitors. The Galaxy S10, S10e, S10+, and the recently launched S10 5G feature a frameless cinematic display to enhance your viewing experience. Image Scaling allows for a more detailed and immersive experience which is far better than that offered by most Full HD displays in the market. Samsung is the pioneer of AMOLED technology that reduces the glare of blue light and reduces strain on the eyes. All phones in the Samsung S10 series have an HDR10 certified Dynamic Infinity Display to deliver rich color tones and good contrast for a clean and clear output. The phone is also dust and water resistant which helps it withstand the elements. A fingerprint lock is available on the screen itself to allow you to log in and use applications securely. The Ultrasonic Fingerprint feature is only available with the S10 and S10+ variants. Galaxy S10e provides security in the form of face recognition, PIN protection, and pattern and password lock.

Battery life is one of the crucial points to consider before buying a smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S10 series has an adaptive power saving mode that understands your phone use and adjusts battery usage accordingly.

Wireless PowerShare is one of the notable features of the Samsung S10 which allows you to charge other Qi-certified devices and wearable technology. This means you can recharge your smartwatch and earbuds on the go.

The S10 also features dual stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos audio for a complete cinematic experience.

Most smartphones have a Central Processing Unit but the Samsung S10 series features an advanced neural processing unit with an enhanced optimizer mode.

Memory and storage
The S10 has up to 12GB of RAM to run applications efficiently without utilizing too much power. It has a storage capacity of 512GB which is nearly half of what many mainstream laptop brands provide. The S10 provides support for external microSD storage of up to 512GB to ensure that you never run out of space. The Galaxy S10+ model boasts of 1TB internal storage with an external capacity of 1.5TB on top of that.

The latest range of smartphones are giving professional grade cameras a run for their money. The Samsung Galaxy S10 series is no different. You get a five-lens multi-camera with exceptional 123-degree panoramic viewing field to capture ultra-wide shots with Galaxy S10+. Galaxy S10 has three lenses on the back — telephoto, wide angle, and ultra-wide angle lenses with resolutions of 12MP, 12MP, and 16MP. The two lenses embedded under the infinity viewing screen feature a 10MP selfie camera and an 8MP RGB depth camera. Dual aperture and multi-frame composition allow you to capture the best images even in low light conditions. The S10e comes with dual cameras at the rear and a single front camera. 

The Galaxy S10 series features four distinct variants available across popular networks including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular. Unlocked variants are also available. 

  • Samsung Galaxy S10e
    The base variant is available for a price of $749.99 on the official website. For an additional $100, you can double the internal storage capacity to 256GB.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10
    The base variant of the Samsung S10 is available for roughly $799.99 with T-Mobile. Five other carrier networks have set a base price of about $899.99 for the same phone. An additional storage upgrade of up to 512GB is possible for an extra $250.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+
    T-Mobile offers the S10+ 128GB model for just $899.99 while other networks are selling it at $999.99 approximately. For an additional $250, you can upgrade to the 512GB variant. If you are willing to spend an extra $600, the S10+ offers up to 1TB of storage.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
    The S10 5G is Samsung’s latest launch only available with Verizon network for a base price of around $1299.99 for the 256GB variant. For an extra $100, you will get the 512GB variant in two color choices, Majestic Black and Crown Silver.

Note that the S10e and S10 come in four color choices including Prism White, Prism Black, Prism Blue, and Flamingo Pink. The S10+ is available in Ceramic White and Ceramic Black.

Out of these phones, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is the clear winner with a bigger display, great camera, and more storage.