Features to consider while buying Android Phone

Features to consider while buying Android Phone

Android phones are becoming increasingly popular, and with a range of 4G Android Phones available in the market, an avid user should know about the features that an ideal Android smartphone should have. Below are listed some of the key features that the best Android phones should have to make it a worthy purchase for the user.

4G Service Supporter

When you choose from among best 4G Android phones, you should ideally consider the fact that if it supports the high-speed 4G networks. However, not all the Android phones support 4G service, and you should keep this as an imperative factor in mind while choosing the smartphone, else your endeavor of having a smartphone from among best Android phones might go waste.

Design of the smartphone

Design of the smartphone is another aspect that you should consider while purchasing the same. A full touch screen among 4G Android phones is recommended now since many of the features are not fully visible suitably in the QUERTY keypad mode. The screen size is another consideration while buying best Android phones and only a full touch screen smartphone will fill the gap since QUERTY keypad also occupies significant space and restricts the limitation of some apps which are best used in a full touch screen smartphone.


When choosing the 4G Android phones, you should keep the camera aspect ratio in mind. The cameras in Android phones range from 3 megapixels to 8 megapixels. Some of the Android smartphones have front-facing superior cameras which are good enough to be used for the facility as video conferencing. The rear camera can always be used for capturing photos and videos, and if you are an avid photographer, a good quality Android smartphone can be one of the best finds of your life.


Android platform is an open source platform. This makes it possible to change the way the Operating System can be used. It essentially means that Android phone manufactured by HTC is a bit different than that manufactured by Samsung. Some of the smartphone manufacturers also have an additional overlay on top of the smartphone which makes it possible to have altering features.

The Touch Wiz interface of Samsung, for instance, makes it possible for some additional widgets to be added. This makes it possible for some phone features and online resources to be added to this smartphone which makes it a bit different from others regarding features it offers.

Similarly, Motorola has come up with MotoBlur interface which collects information from different social networks and delivers the same in an updated feed.

In a nutshell, an avid smartphone user should keep a tab on these developments and should choose a smartphone keeping these considerations in mind, whenever they decide to upgrade to the new smartphone.


When you are looking forward to purchasing new 4G Android Phones timing is a big factor. With new Android smartphones coming up on a regular basis, you should always keep your priorities on top. Consider the fact that any feature you are looking at this stage should be of relevance to you in the coming year also. If you purchase a smartphone today keeping the needs of coming two years in mind, the choice could prove to be your best bet.

If however, the smartphone is purchased only due to its present aesthetic value ignoring the future needs, you might have to purchase a new smartphone in the coming days as well.

Keep these factors in mind while you purchase your next smartphone, and it will surely last you long.