Everything you need to know about Jitterbug cell phones

Everything you need to know about Jitterbug cell phones

Technology has given every device we use a facelift. Though they can perform a variety of functions, the complexities of these devices have increased manifold. And, those who bear the brunt of such advanced features are the elderly section of the population. So, if you are on the lookout to purchase a senior cell phone, you can think of jitterbug cell phones as a viable option. Many senior citizens are not interested in using cell phones because of the complexity involved with using the modern devices. The broad range of options available also makes the process of using cell phones really difficult. If you find senior citizens worried about these aspects, you can definitely ask them to consider Jitterbug phone. What makes this phone an excellent option for senior citizens?

Large and bright buttons with backlit features
First of all, the Jitterbug devices are equipped with large and bright buttons, and these buttons are backlit for ensuring optimal view. They offer the best viewing experience for all people.

Large texts for easy viewing
When you operate this device, the text that appears onscreen is also really large, and even old people can use them with great ease and comfort.

Crystal clear sound and cellular technology
The earpiece attached to these Jitterbug cell phones for seniors is equipped with a big rubber cushion. It is being done to accommodate hearing aids. When it comes to the sound, the cell phone can be described as crystal clear, and you can crank it up bit louder. Since Samsung is the manufacturer of these types of phones, nobody should get bothered about cellular technology.

Ready to use and preprogramming features
One of the nicest things about the Jitterbug cell phone is that it comes fully installed and ready to use. If you want, it can be preprogrammed with up to 15 numbers of your preference. You can even associate the old dial tone with this device. There’s a Jitterbug operator to help you out, and you can seek their help to make calls for you. It is not something advisable all the time because it may result in using up five minutes of your prepaid time.

Hassle free voice mail options
One of the most common things that can scare off most people is the voice-mail option. The ever confusing voice mail menus can even dissuade the younger people. This problem can be easily solved with the help of Jitterbug because this device makes voicemail simple. You just need to answer with a yes or no with every option on the voice mail.

What about the battery life of these devices?
One can say that the battery life is really good. You can expect more than three hours of continuous talktime. Most probably, senior people do not use phones for such long hours. Another remarkable aspect is that the phone gives precise information about when the battery is low, and you will get a text message and beep when the battery charge comes down. Prepaid cell plans are available for these types of cell phones, and these schemes are offered through the Sprint Wireless Network. You can expect many more improvements in the immediate future because Samsung is a leader in the field of mobile technology. Senior citizens and physically challenged people can make use of Jitterbug phones without worrying about the complexities involved with using a cell phone. This device has been playing a major role in making cell phones more senior citizen-friendly, and you can recommend this device to any senior citizen with great confidence. Most people would agree that it is the best cell phone available for the seniors and the credibility of Samsung also plays a very vital role in making this device immensely popular among senior citizens.