5 reasons to buy a prepaid cell phone

5 reasons to buy a prepaid cell phone

In case you are confused about what type of cell phone to purchase for yourself, you are not alone. A lot of people struggle to answer this question, and with the number of options available, it is not so easy to arrive at a conclusion. Hardcore competition among various telecommunication service providers has confused the customers about a basic question; to go for a monthly plan or get a prepaid cell phone?

A cellphone with a monthly bill might give you the comfort of connecting anywhere at any time, it will look good unless you have a hefty monthly plan fee. On the other hand, a prepaid cell phone will allow you to save money and select the services that you will actually use. Whether it is the latest Android device you have or a simple Java-based handset, prepaid phones have their own share of benefits for the users.

Below, we will provide you with enough reason as to why having a prepaid phone will do you good than a fixed monthly bill plan. Apart from giving you the opportunity to save money, a prepaid cell phone also offers you the following benefits;

Variety of plans
Having a prepaid cell phone also opens up different plans to choose according to your usage. You can either go for a pay-by-the-day or unlimited plans via recharge coupons. It offers you the chance to customize your phone and pay for what you use without any hefty fees. Hence, with prepaid cell phones, you pay only for what you use.

Choice of service providers
The telecommunication service providers are in a fierce competition with each other over who can provide the best features at an affordable cost. Various brands offer the best-prepaid services to customers, and a majority of the phones are available on a prepaid basis. Hence, having a prepaid cell phone can give you the option of selecting the best mobile connection operator, whenever and wherever you want. If you get bored of one service provider or find their service poor, no need to approach the customer care center; just switch the connection.

International prepaid cell phones
If you are a frequent flier to international destinations for personal or business reasons, it is a better idea to have a prepaid mobile with you. All you need is a country and city code along with the phone number and dial the code before the country or city code. Prepaid mobiles tend to have better service options for those with ISD requirements.

These days prepaid phones have a majority of the features that are present in phones with a monthly plan. Some of these include a front and back camera, Wi-Fi connection capability, 4G enabled, video chatting, and Bluetooth among other features. Hence, you can spend a little amount on the mobile connection and still get a good performance phone.

Often, you will end up paying for a phone that will have more features than its competitors. However, with a basic prepaid cell phone, things change as you can get a basic handset with minimal investment and have a pay-as-you-go plan for yourself with ease. A prepaid cell phone will cost half than that with a monthly bill plan.

If you are looking for a phone that offers you the service of your choice without burning a hole in your pocket, then make sure to go for prepaid cell phone. It has been advantageous for parents, college goers, working professionals and it will surely work for you too.

Prepaid cell phones have their own charm as the service provided on these is much simpler as compared to phones on contract.