4 things to know about Verizon prepaid phones and T-Mobile plans

4 things to know about Verizon prepaid phones and T-Mobile plans

Gone are the days when having a contract-based cell phone plan was the most preferred mode of paying for a cell phone plan. An increasing number of cell phone users are now opting for prepaid phone plans as it offers the freedom to switch between plans and between service providers conveniently.

There are several other benefits of prepaid plans as well. These plans are especially great for those who know their phone usage well and know what prepaid plan to choose.

Here we will compare the unlimited plans for Verizon prepaid phones with another popular contract-free cell phone plans provider, T-Mobile. Unlimited plans offer its users unlimited minutes and texting. The plan also includes data but with a limit on the speed of the internet after a certain amount of data is consumed.

  • Data: T-Mobile takes the cake when it comes to data as it offers 30 GB of data limit as a part of its unlimited plans. Unlimited plans for Verizon prepaid phones only offer 22GB. The 8GB difference can be a deal breaker for those users who like to use the Internet often for accessing social media platforms, researching, checking emails, or simply using the Internet for recommendations or directions. This means that once these limits are reached the speed of the Internet reduces.
  • Cost of the plan: The T-mobile One and T-Mobile One Plus unlimited plans are offered at USD 70 and USD 75 respectively. The phone plans for Verizon prepaid phones start at USD 75.
  • Taxes: Another area where T-Mobile users benefit is that the cost of these plans are inclusive of all taxes, surcharge fees, and any other additional fees whereas the cost of the plans for Verizon prepaid phones does not include these.
  • Video streaming quality: The video streaming quality offered by T-Mobile One plans is 480 p in standard definition, and the T-Mobile One Plus plan offers 1080 p in HD. Verizon offers 720p HD streaming with the Beyond Unlimited plan and 480p in standard definition as part of the Go Unlimited plan.

Before opting for any plan, make sure you compare several options to get the best-prepaid deal available.