Easy tips to choose the right printers and scanners

Easy tips to choose the right printers and scanners

Finding printers and scanners is not very difficult. Whether you need these devices for business, printing photos, office work, or for class assignments, there are a variety of printers and scanners available suitable for every need. With the tips given here, you can simplify your buying decision and get the right model for your space. 

Check for available space
Printers and scanners vary in size, and this is why knowing the amount of space available on your desk at home or office is important. With limited space, you may consider choosing a small, compact printer and scanner or an all-in-one printer. But for large workplaces, you can buy a separate printer and scanner. 

Paper-handling capacity matters
If you need to scan multiple-page documents frequently, choose a scanner with an automatic document feeder that will help you save time and money. Also, you may want to check the pages the scanner can handle per minute. There are faster scanners available for those who need speed but are on the pricier side. For printing jobs, laser printers usually produce higher quality printouts faster. Inkjet printers produce printouts ranging anywhere between 5 and 25 pages per minute. 

Higher dpi is always better
The print and scan quality are typically measured in dots per inch (dpi). For best quality print, laser printers are a great option if budget is not an issue. The general resolution range is 600 to 1200 dpi. For the best print and scan quality, choose printers and scanners with a higher dpi. 

Consider the cost of consumables
While buying printers and scanners, you must always account for the cost of consumables. The purchase price is just not enough as the cost of consumables can go well above the purchase price. Calculate the total paper and ink or toner cartridge costs to determine whether the device is ideal for your budget. 

Connectivity options should be diverse
The modern printers offer multiple connectivity options including USB, Ethernet, Wi-fi, Wi-fi Direct, NFC, Cloud printing, and SD cards. For better mobility, choose a printer with wireless connectivity. Wi-fi Direct allows you to begin using the printer almost immediately as it connects directly to your Wi-fi connection without needing to plug in the router. Also, make sure the printer is compatible with whatever device you plan to use it.

These tips should be enough for you to go on to buy the printer and scanner that best suit your needs and budget.