4 Best Shoe Brands For Comfort And Foot Health

4 Best Shoe Brands For Comfort And Foot Health

Spinal issues are on a rise these days amongst the millennials mainly owing to the hectic work hours, excessive usage of smart phones and laptops, and extremely poor sitting positions. One of the main causes of spine and foot conditions is also bad footwear choices. Choosing the right footwear is very important for foot and spine health, which is why spending a few extra bucks on comfortable shoes is extremely worth it. Cheap shoes are made of cheap materials that are used in the making of the sole and heels, which end up putting pressure on your feet and eventually on your spine.

Here are four of the most comfortable shoes for people who wear shoes all day at work and home and those who have foot and spinal conditions –

Dansko makes some of the most comfortable footwear for men and women both. Similar to Easy Spirit Shoes, Dansko has a wide of different style that you can choose from without compromising on comfort. From formal wear to extremely casual flats, Dansko has it all! Dansko is a more high-end brand so if you have a higher budget, you should definitely go for this brand. The brand understands how important comfort and support is for the human body and has used their technology and innovative techniques to make the most comfortable shoes for their customers. The brand believes in minimum wastage which is why they ensure their patterns are placed perfectly on the leather during the cutting and defining process. The brand is very transparent with their services, so you can find the entire information of how their shoes are made online which is quite exciting.

Vionic is a made that focuses a lot on foot health and the right alignment of the feet when you wear their shoes throughout the day. You can choose from a wide range of styles and even flat flip flops which are extremely comfortable and also perfect for people who suffer from spine problems. The brand has an advanced arch support for women who have spine problems yet want to wear high heels and wedges. The best part about Vionic is that you can choose from extremely affordable footwear to even extremely expensive range. There’s basically a pair of shoes for every single person on every budget! The brand does not have stores worldwide, but you can definitely shop for the Vionic shoes on Amazon.

This is the most famous brand for foot care and foot health. Not only does Scholl create foot care products like gel pads for the feet, foot scrubs, anti-fungal creams etc., it also makes an entire range of footwear! The footwear is specially designed to promote good foot health along with the right support system and foot alignment for your spine. The brand makes extremely comfortable footwear at affordable prices which almost everyone can afford. Scholl does not make sneakers like Easy Spirit Shoes does, but it definitely makes the best sandals, shoes and formal wear for both men and women. The memory foam foot sole creates the perfect cushioning for your feet with perfect alignment of the feet. You can wear them all day without any discomfort and pain!

Birkenstock has the best shoes designed for people who have spine problems and foot alignment issues. Even the flip flops of this brand are perfect for people with spine issues although most of them are advised against flip flops, but Birkenstock has the best of the best! They have a wide range of styles that you can choose from. The shoes are made of superior quality materials which makes them the most durable and long lasting shoes. You can wear these all day without any issues of excessive sweating, foot ache, spine ache etc. Birkenstock shoes are slightly more expensive than Easy Spirit Shoes, however they are extremely worth every penny that you spend on these shoes.