Reasons to Choose the Jitterbug Cell Phone

Reasons to Choose the Jitterbug Cell Phone

Want affordability, ease of use, and style at the same time? Then you should definitely check out the Jitterbug cell phone. It is a flip phone that is the ultimate choice for senior citizens who find it difficult to keep up with the ever-evolving technology and good for students too who cannot afford very expensive plans. Here are some reasons to buy a Jitterbug cell phone.

  • It has large buttons and an easy-to-grip design, which makes it quite convenient to see and use the phone while making a call.
  • The plans start at $14.99, making it extremely affordable for people who want to spend very less on telecommunication.
  • You are not even bound by any contract for a long-term and you may cancel the subscription anytime without paying any cancellation fees.
  • There are no long-distance fees applicable to intra-US calls.

Just because affordability is its biggest highlight, it does not mean that a Jitterbug cell phone does not have features that will come handy for you. The old school, extra-large, backlit buttons make it very easy for the older generation to navigate through the phone and make calls as and when necessary without getting hassled. Moreover, the big font and the bright screen also help seniors to use the phone without any problems.

Additionally, the Jitterbug cell phone has a really large speaker which is designed with extra amplification to ensure that you do not have to stick the phone to your ears to hear better. It is highly compatible with hearing aids. The new flip phone is mainly designed to ensure that senior citizens may easily find what they are looking for on their phone. In case you wish to activate voicemail in it, you will just need to spend $3 a month and you are sorted.

Another great thing about this phone is that it comes with a charging cradle and you do not need to keep fumbling with the annoying wires and cables to find your way through. Also, it is accompanied by a rechargeable battery, a quick start guide, an activation card, and a user guide. Considering that this phone is made especially for the elderly, some of the other useful features that it is equipped with include a daily health tip and a 5-star urgent response service.