Popular 4G Cell Phones Deals and Plans

Popular 4G Cell Phones Deals and Plans

Finding the best 4G cell phone deals and plans may be a daunting task. In addition to the costs and expenses, you need to consider the models that are supported by different service providers. Moreover, you must take into account the speed and coverage in those areas where you will use your phone the most.

Different carriers offer multiple tiered plans which result in confusion to make an accurate decision. Below is an analysis of the plans offered by various carriers that most appropriately suit your particular requirements.

If you do not want to compromise on the data while saving money, Republic Wireless provides a plan that is less than $30 per month. Alternatively, the individual plan offered by Verizon, which is about $55 per month with 5GB data is a good option. The 8GB data prepaid plan from AT&T is also an excellent choice. However, if you want an unlimited prepaid plan, the one available from MetroPCS is excellent.

Here are some of the best 4G smartphones plans:

Individual unlimited plans
The four major carriers provide different types of unlimited individual plans. The $70 plan which is offered by T-Mobile combines performance and value. Although the basic plan available from Sprint is less expensive; the network is relatively slower. The basic unlimited plans from AT&T and Verizon come with several restrictions.

Individual plans
If you do not require unlimited data, the $55 plan from Verizon is a good choice. It offers reasonable data at an affordable price. Moreover, if you have any unused data at the end of the month, you may roll it over to the next one. You may avoid overage fees in case you exceed the limit by switching on the Verizon Safe Mode.

Prepaid individual plans
The $50 monthly plan from AT&T offers 8GB data, which may be reduced to $40 by choosing an auto-pay option. You may use this prepaid plan to stream high-definition videos on your 4G smartphones. You also get unlimited talk time and texting if you travel to Canada and Mexico.

If one of the above plans suits your requirements, should you switch? You may consider switching only if there are not any grave consequences. In case you are unable to switch until the current plan ends, some carriers pick up a portion of the early termination charges. However, this comes as a gift card and you will need to trade your old phone to buy a new 4G phone on sale.