Features to Look For in the Best Android Phones

Features to Look For in the Best Android Phones

Android phones are gaining popularity due to several good reasons. These phones are powerful, user-friendly, and attractively designed. However, not all Android phones are the same and every phone may offer different features.

If you want to buy a new phone, here are the features to look for in the best Android phones.

Most of the bigger carriers, as well as regional carriers, offer Android phones with their plans. However, the most advanced phone will not be of much use if the service provided by the carrier is not reliable. Even reputed carriers have network dead spots, which is why checking the network in areas where you will use the phone is important.

A critical design aspect while choosing the best Android phones is to check the availability of a full keyboard. You must also consider the screen size and its resolution. Most phones today offer bigger screen sizes, which make the handsets bulky and sometimes inconvenient to use during long conversations.

A few low-range Android phones offer 3MP cameras while others may provide anĀ 8MP camera. Moreover, some handsets provide front cameras that make it easier to hold video conferences. Others may come only with rear cameras that make it easy to click pictures and shoot videos. It is important you choose a phone that provides a camera that best suits your personal requirements.

Although all Android phones use the same operating system (OS), the versions may be different. Additionally, not every handset will upgrade to the newer version as soon as it is available. Therefore, you must check the software version the particular handset uses and also clarify with the carrier when the same may be updated to the newer version.

The open Android platform enables changes to the look and feel of the OS. Therefore, a phone offered by one manufacturer may operate differently in comparison to another brand. Additionally, a few manufacturers include overlays to the OS that modify the interface. It is recommended you try the phone to experience how it works before you make your decision to buy a particular Android handset.

When it comes to buying the best Android phones, you must keep in mind that new phones are released very frequently and a particular handset may soon become outdated. This does not mean that you must delay your buying decision. However, taking the time to research the different options before making a choice is crucial.