Job search tips while you are already employed

Job search tips while you are already employed

Searching for a job when you are already employed is a tedious task. You do not want to get caught by your boss while you are looking out for jobs on your computer at work. Here are 4 different job search strategies that will help you find a job while you already have one in hand.

Call out to your network
References always help you to get a job. Secondly, it is an effective way of increasing your chances that your resume will be viewed and you might get an interview call. Hence, in order to keep your job search a little low, it is good to connect socially to your networks and let them know that you are looking for new job opportunities. You can also search various social networking sites to find your dream job. In these networking sites, you can find a number of contacts who can help you pass your resume to the right person.

Do not use the work computer
It is often seen that we tend to use our work computer for every purpose. But you need to be careful to not use the same for job search. Although it is hardly possible for your company to trace all your searches, but it always beneficial to refrain using your current company’s laptop or computer for job search. You should also ensure that you use your personal email address and store your documents on your personal laptop.

Be strategic while scheduling your interviews
One of the most important things is to strategize your interviews carefully. It will not be very difficult for your reporting manager to notice that you have started taking too many leaves, or started giving excuses too often. It should be noted here that you can schedule the interview at early in the morning, during the lunch hours or after your office hours. In this way, you will be cutting down the suspicion. One should also see to it that you resist accepting any invite immediately from the recruiter. If you fit the candidature, then the recruiter can reschedule the interview at a mutual time and date.

Tap the digital way of job search
There are a number of mobile phone apps, which are helpful in job search. Instead of looking for a job on your computer, you can always download the popular job search apps on your Smartphone or Tablet. These apps also offer you the option of saving the jobs and applying at a later date. You can also customize your job search as per your years of experience, expertise, skills, educational qualification, location, to name a few.