How you can make a professional resume being a beginner?

How you can make a professional resume being a beginner?

While you can always take reference from the top 10 resume samples on the internet, it gets a little confusing when the references are from experienced resume samples and you are a fresher or hold very little experience, or probably only of some months as an intern. If it gets challenging, you don’t have to worry because if a company is looking for freshers, they cannot expect a resume full of experiences.

Even though you are a fresher and a beginner, your resume can look professional. This does not mean you will have to fake your experiences and skill. This means that the way you put information about you on the resume can be professional. It is all about how you build the resume from start to end, the language you use and the way you give away information.

When you have made a draft resume using the samples you find online, you must know there has to be something on your resume that makes it stand out among all other resumes. Even if you are a fresher, you can make that happen. Let’s start with what you already know and do. Put this information very tactfully. For example, if in college you have organized an event or a play, you can mention the skills as you definitely had them when you organized. These skills are not just handling the whole event, but also right from choosing people who were to organize the event with you, to those who performed and micro management. You may use professional words like ‘managed a group of’ or ‘lead a team of’.

Avoid mentioning your age, desired salary, your marital status and your religious affiliation in your resume. The company will not gain anything from that information and it will not help them know you any better. However, you can mention your date of birth but don’t write down your age.

More than the resume, you may focus on the cover letter if you are a fresher. Most companies and jobs today, along with the resume ask for a cover letter. As almost all resumes look the same, it gets difficult for the companies to figure out if a certain candidate right to call or an interview or not based on his or her resume. In these cases, they ask for a cover letter. The cover letter is your golden chance to prove yourself worthy of the job if you are a fresher. A cover letter usually asks for the reasons why you think you are fit for a certain job. If you want the job, and you know you have what it takes to do that job, then you can write a letter to the company where you can tell them why you are the right fit.