What causes your PSA range to go higher

What causes your PSA range to go higher

The first sign of prostate cancer can be high PSA range, but it can also indicate less-serious condition. There are many causes of high PSA range. The PSA test you take measure a protein content in your blood called prostate specific antigen. The Prostate cancer can make the PSA range to go higher but a high range of PSA does is not always because of cancer. UTI (urinary tract infection) is also one of the causes of high PSA level. Other such causes of high PSA level are discussed below:

Medical procedures:
Medical procedures can be responsible for the PSA level to rise. Some medical procedures can cause a traumatic interference around the prostate gland and that leads to high PSA level in the PSA test. Medical procedure can also include placing of catheter that causes some sort of trauma leading to the rise.

BPH in older men:
Men who are over 50 can have enlarged prostate gland. This condition is known as Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Enlarged prostate gland does not cause prostate cancer but it can increase the level of PSA. An enlarged gland means more number of cells and that means more PSA made by those cells. BPH is quite common among men over 50. There is no need of treatment unless there is difficulty in urination or frequent urination. If you have BPH condition, another test is run to know if you have prostate cancer. That test is called digital rectal exam.

Urinary tract infection UTI:
UTI also causes PSA range to go higher. An infection that is near the prostate gland can cause irritation and inflammation in the prostate cells that leads to higher PSA. If you have UTI, you must wait until the infection subsides and then go for a PSA test.

If you have recently ejaculated, your PSA test result can show high PSA level. This is because ejaculation is responsible for mild elevation in the PSA level. If you have ejaculated, then go for a PSA test after two to three days for the PSA to return to normal.

Prolonged bike ride:
It may seem off, but it is one of the reasons or causes of high PSA level. When you have been riding on your bike for long hours, it can increase your PSA range. But this isn’t always true. In extreme cases of prolonged bike riding can the PSA levels rise.