Top employee engagement platforms for your company

Top employee engagement platforms for your company

Perhaps you already know that employee engagement is extremely important for keeping your employees motivated and satisfied and at the same time, boost their productivity. It’s even more crucial to understand that employee engagement platforms are more of a tool that helps keep your employees engaged. That said, it’s about time that you invest in a great employee engagement platform. Here are our top four employee engagement platforms for you to check out and see which one is perfect for your company.


OfficeVibe allows company owners to keep track of trends and patterns across the organization through regular, honest employee feedback. With OfficeVibe, you will know exactly where and when you’ll have the maximum impact on your company and which managers and teams need your support. Essentially, the platform sends a weekly survey with questions based on their 10 Key Metrics of Engagement to all employees. This includes 120 science-based and interactive questions to help you gauge the performance of your company.

15Five (Continuous Performance Management)

15Five is a continuous performance management platform that helps your employees grow and become their best selves. Through its strategic weekly check-ins, the platform delivers more than what a manager needs to maintain visibility. 15Five also has great features like high fives for employee recognition, 360-degree feedback, one-on-ones, and reviews. The platform is used by thousands of companies like Spotify, HubSpot, and Credit Karma to bring out the best in their employees.

Lattice Performance Management

Lattice provides an easy way to launch 360 reviews, share regular feedback and praises, facilitate one-on-one meetings, set up goals, and administer employee engagement surveys. It’s a very user-friendly product that makes employees’ work easier and saves time and resources of the HR team. The platform also offers various customization features that can easily adapt to your work culture. Globally, more than 1500 companies including Reddit, Slack, Samsara, and Cruise use Lattice to improve their performance.


Peakon is not just a survey company, they are into data as well. So, their insight can really help transform your business. Their platform collects employee feedback, analyzes it, and sends insights all in real time. Employees are given the option of submitting their feedback via their computer, SMS, kiosk, or app. The platform can efficiently manage tens of thousands of employees.