Best free cloud storage providers 2017

Best free cloud storage providers 2017

The appeal of free Cloud storage is too much to handle one can store files online, access them from any device connected to the internet, keep documents always in sync and work and stay in touch across continents and time zones! There are many choices for no-strings-attached, free Cloud storage services. The only problem is there are many, and choosing might become hard!

Here’s a list for the top five best free Cloud storage providers for this year:

MegaUpload: MegaUpload or Mega allows users a free Cloud storage capacity of a whopping 50GB with the additional ability upload/download whole directories at once through the iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry apps. One can only transfer 10GB data every half hour, but one can share entire folders. Mega supports multiple file downloads via zip files, can control upload speeds and even pause uploads. Mega is secure with end-to-end encryption, but password protection is available only to paid users.

Google Drive: Google Drive is one of the best-known free Cloud storage services, providing free Cloud storage space of 15GB. Users can earn additional free storage by buying a monthly/annual subscription, performing additional security checks, using additional Google services, etc. Google Drive comes in a neatly-wrapped package, integrating with other Google products with ease and syncing files so that one can access, browse and even edit them on the move, as well as collaborate with other users and share the files.

MS OneDrive: OneDrive by Microsoft, formerly known as SkyDrive, gives users 5GB of free storage space while signing up, while offering additional space if one follows certain steps such as mobile photo syncing or friend referrals. OneDrive is accessible via both Android and iOS devices, allowing files to be accessed, downloaded, browsed through, shared and even edited. It also features an integrated photo viewer.

Box: Box allows free storage space of a whopping 10GB, and upgrades as well (100GB for $8.50 as well as business packages). Box has Windows, BlackBerry, Android and iOS apps that allows users to upload files (only 250MB for free accounts), integrates with a wide range of services and apps, and has excellent filesharing features. Box users can also share entire data folders or even choose single files to share with a public link.

MediaFire: MediaFire users get an instant free storage of 10 GB while signing up, and can increase it to 50Gb by following certain instructions such as application downloads and friends’ referrals. MediaFire, which has both Android and Ios APPS, allows users to upload, download, share single files as well as entire folders.