4 tips for choosing the ideal email marketing service provider

4 tips for choosing the ideal email marketing service provider

Email marketing is a cost-effective way of publicizing your business and keeping your clientele updated about the different offers or new services you have to offer. Even small businesses can opt for email marketing software because they are quite cheap and fulfill the purposes of managing and establishing contact with the clients.
As there are a plethora of email marketing service providers, choosing the right one can be a task. So, here are some effective tips to ensure that you make the right choice.

Integration with the contact database
You need to choose an email marketing software that can be seamlessly integrated into your contact database or customer relationship management (CRM) system. Doing so proves extremely convenient in generating targeted mailing lists or selections based on factors like interest, place, position, or customer category. In the absence of such an email marketing software, handling and updating the mailing lists manually can prove quite time-consuming and expensive. So, choose an email marketing tool that can easily integrate with your contact database.

Reading and viewing options
Another important factor you need to consider while choosing the right email marketing platform for your business is the whether it offers multiple reading and viewing options. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, people do not log in to the traditional desktop setting only to read their emails. This means that you will need an email marketing software that offers functionality in the form of mobile-optimized templates. Your clients should be able to access their emails on their mobiles devices, and it should be properly displayed as well.

Mailing statistics
If you are conducting a mailing campaign, you’ll definitely have to track the result to gauge the success rate. So, you need to choose an email marketing tool that allows you to track results and view the statistics that display the number of emails opened, sent, link tracking, start/end date, time, lists, and more. Moreover, it will be more convenient if it’s presented visually, as it makes reporting to the organization hassle-free.

Response handling
Irrespective of the size of your business—small, medium, or colossal—you need to pay attention to the email response handling. Smaller businesses that cater to around 1,500 people per month would require moderate response handling system, and some part of the task will have to be done manually. However, if your business caters to a wide audience, you’ll be handling mass amount of emails; therefore, you will have to choose an email marketing tool that allows you to send automated responses or collect customer responses into tickets.