Different types of shaving blades and razors for men

Different types of shaving blades and razors for men

For daily use and a smooth shave, razor and shaving blades for men come in a number of variants. These names include straight razors, safety razors, 5 blade razors, 5 blade razors, electric shavers, blades amongst a number of brands. But finding the right blade which will give you the cleanest smoothest shave without spending too much time and effort is an ongoing process. But finding the right products is not enough. Shaving, even if you do it on a regular basis will not necessarily yield you the desired results unless factors like your skin type, sensitivity, products used, the technique applied are taken into consideration.

However, here we try to narrow down on some of the benefits and uses of different types of blades for men specifically:

Straight razors: Straight razor shaves, the oldest style and very effective for a superior shave experience. Th chances of skin burn after a shave, nicks, and cuts are reduced greatly and you will save a lot of money by getting a good barber quality shave every day in your house.

Safety razor: Although a straight razor blade is a better option for the ultimate shave, it is still tricky to use and you need a lot of experience before you can make the most of it. Safety razors as the name suggest aptly is a safer alternative to straight razors and with patience and good quality shaving products, you can get the best possible shave experience.

5 blade razors: 5 blade razors are growing in demand and utility. With some of the top shaving products companies going out of their way to design and manufacture cutting edge technology five blades, this razor makes it to the list of preferred shaving products.

3 blade razors: 3 blade razors are another alternative if you are not comfortable with using five blade ones. Three blade razors come in multi-use or even disposable ones, some with cartridges which can be switched periodically to get a nice smooth shave.

Some of the popular shaving blades for men include:

  • Merkur Futur for straight razors blades
  • Harry’s Truman Razor for best quality and easy cartridge refills
  • Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor with flex ball technology
  • Every man jack razor

More information about the best shaving blades for men can be found on the website of these brands and companies.