Best short hairstyles to try this year

Best short hairstyles to try this year

Short hair is the trend these days. Short hairstyles make you look hot, bold, and beautiful, and the best thing about short hair is, it’s so easy to maintain.

Ranging from a bob to an iconic pixie cut, these short, chic hairstyles make you look sexy. This year’s most fabulous short haircuts are edgier and more modern than the ones of the years gone by. Some chic styles include long bangs with shorter sides, messy shags, and long bangs, and even the pompadour, which a portion of the most glamorous celebrities today are pulling off.

In case you’re planning on chopping your locks or simply switching up your hairdo, here’s a list of the most happening short hairstyles to choose from:

The pixie hairstyle
This hairstyle involves hair that is short on the sides, with longer wispy bangs that brush your forehead. The pixie works best on women with thick, normally wavy hair or women with heart-shaped, square, and oval faces. It’s a decent cut for ladies with round appearances as well.

Modern shag hairstyle
The traditional shag hairstyle had more of layers, unlike the modern shag that has less of layers. However, the current shag haircut doesn’t look like a mullet. What it has in a similar manner as the haircuts of the past are messy, choppy ends, and layering. The current shag isn’t exactly as layered. The magnificence in the shag haircut is that it compliments all face shapes. To get that muddled, rough look, you’ll want to use a salt splash or texturizing spray during shower and scrunch your hair as it dries.

The pompadour hairstyle
A hot hairdo trend that goes back to several years is the pompadour, otherwise called the quiff or the faux hawk. This haircut featuring shaved sides and a puffy prodded top has turned into a persisting pattern. This trim is more about gut and attitudes rather than your face shape, as told by beautician Matt Fugate to the Glo site. This hairstyle works best on thick hair. Fine hair will simply crash and burn without the assistance of a huge amount of styling product.

The bob hairstyle
The Bob is an exemplary haircut that never leaves style. This present season’s bob is chaotic and unstructured and has a touch of edge to it. These tousled bounces all appear to end at the jaw or just below it. Include blunt bangs or fringe for a truly restless look. Anybody with a pleasant jawline and neck will look great in a bob.

In the words of Coco Chanel, “A woman who trims her hair is going to change her life.” So, all those who are planning to have a new look should really go for these hairstyles.