An Effective Guide For Buying The Best Gaming Mouse

An Effective Guide For Buying The Best Gaming Mouse

An effective guide for buying the best gaming mouse

A lot of manufacturers like Razer, Asus, Corsair, Logitech and a couple of other companies step up their game and bring forward some of the choicest gaming accessories like never before. There is a pool of choices, and the market is saturated with many companies releasing various gaming accessories like keyboards, headsets, and mice. It can be a difficult choice to choose among the numerous accessories that are available, especially, if you don’t know much about the various gaming accessories. However, with this buyer’s guide, it will be more secure and convenient to choose the right gaming mouse that suits your needs. Here are some of the best gaming mice of 2017:

  • The Steel Series Rival 700

The first gaming mouse in the list is the Steel Series Rival 700. It weighs around 135g and has Pixart PMW 3360/Pixart ADNS 9800 sensor. Its list price is $99.99, and it has seven buttons. It is the only mouse that vibrates. It has an industry standard RGB lighting with an innovative modular design. It has a very welcoming object that consists of a gimmicky OLED screen. It notifies players of in-game events, offering programming tactile alerts. Also, you can customize the mouse as per your own needs. However, there is no left-handed or ambidextrous option available. It can be an expensive buy for some people. The modules are useful but pricey as well.

  • Asus ROG Spatha

It is one of the best MMO gaming mice. If one thinks that the name Spatha sounds aggressive, you should look at the mouse itself. It weighs around 178.5g without cable and has Pixart ANDS 9800 sensor. Its list price is $154.00, and it has twelve buttons. It has a beautiful and reliable design that is suited for gamers. It has a lot of customizability, and ease of use. It also has an RGB lighting that looks stunning across the board. It is one of the most comfortable accessories to use. It is loaded with features hardware and software wise. However, it is one of the most expensive gaming mice in the market. The side buttons are mushy and stiff to press. Also, it can be a little bit heavy and large to use for users with small hands.

  • Razer Ouroboros

Razer Ouroboros is an ambidextrous gaming mouse. Its list price is $96.92, and it has eleven buttons. It weighs around 115g/135g and has Dual Laser/Optical sensor. It is an extremely customizable mouse having buttons to palm-rest. It can be used wireless or can be wired as well. If you use it with the supplied wire, the wire will keep the mouse charged. Its ambidextrous layout is perfect for both right and left-handed users as well. In your most intense gaming sessions, dual sensors provide you with supreme accuracy. It manages to stand out, looking super conceptual. Also, it has a long battery life that ensures uninterrupted gaming experience. Even while using it without wire, it has no input lag. Razer Synapse 2.0 provides an amazing software experience. However, it is going to cost quite a lot for a gaming mouse and can be a bit complicated to learn.

  • Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is one of the best wireless gaming mice. It weighs around 107g and has Pixart PMW 3360 sensor. Its list price is $150.00, and it has eleven buttons. It has a beautiful spectrum RGB lighting and also has an amazing Logitech gaming suite that is easy to use and elegant as well. You can customize as it has fully programmable buttons. It also offers the best class performance, thanks to the brilliant sensors and switches. For users who plan to buy accessories on a budget, this can be a pricey purchase. It does not come with a charging dock and also the design might not be suitable for everyone to use.