3 reasons why you should choose the Toyota Tacoma

3 reasons why you should choose the Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma has always been a popular midsize pickup truck on the market due to its sustained durability and sturdiness, and all its drivers have adored the vehicle for the off-roading perks. The Tacoma model has been regarded as a glove fit for different types of truck enthusiasts beginning from the novice to the hardcore adventurers.

The limited pro models from the Tacoma also bring in the added advantage of luxury through its trims. Most importantly, 2017 will be hot among the truck aspirants as Toyota has brought back it’s TRD Pro model that has been highly acclaimed for it extreme ruggedness.

Here are top 3 reasons why the Toyota Tacoma is a perfect choice for a pickup truck:

Engine: The 2017 edition has a robust and sturdy V6 engine that generates a horsepower of about 278 and 265. This engine maximizes the trucks towing capacity to about 6000 pounds and in turn, also ensures fuel efficiency compared to the older V4 engines. The mileage is close to 24mpg on the highway.

Manual transmission: Although the six-speed automatic transmission is easy for handling, the old-school drivers would prefer the driving comfortability of the manual transmission that provides not just great handling but also is sporty for off-roading. The gear-box shifting is comparatively easier on the Tacoma and is unlike the standard manual transmission kits in other pickups on the market.

Best for the snow: Having good traction in pickup trucks for driving in winter is essential for safety, and the Tacoma offers great traction for the winter roads through its four-wheel drive manoeuvring. For drivers who face a lot of snow, the pickup makes sure you’re not stranded and can remain mobile even through thick snow layers as the Tacoma has a good clearance level.

For the sportier and trendier lot, Toyota Tacoma’s sport and Pro models are a hit as they offer more reliability in different sorts of terrain be it stones or snow.