The Pep boys difference in tires

The Pep boys difference in tires

The story behind the growth of Pep Boys is highly inspirational for any Amercian. Four visionaries set out to create this remarkable brand right from the scratch back in 1921 and today the company caters to more than six million cars and car owners every year! Today, more than 23 million Rewards’ members have signed up for special offers in stores.

Since 2009, Pep Boys has focused on the development of service and tire centers within its existing markets as its primary growth strategy. Today the company operates more than 7,400 service bays in nearly 800 stores nationwide. At the same time, in some of its traditional supercenters, the company has expanded to include Speed Shops’ within its retail stores, which cater to the growing number of car enthusiasts who have fun working on performance cars, like hot rods, muscle cars’ and off-road trucks.

One of the major product verticals of Pep Boys would be tires. To start with there are several ongoing promotions offered for tire buyers including:

Promo codes Available on the website All one has to do is log into the website and select the tire to be purchased. The Promo code appears by default just before you make the purchase. On the contrary, one can also look at the savings’ section and just make a note of the promo code.
Price match guarantee The company claims that if the customers find a better deal within 90 days of their purchase of tires, they would refund the difference in the prices! This is indeed an exceptional statement to make and it also shows how hands-on the company is towards its business.
Coupons & reward points Look for several coupons available on Pep Boys website or just take the newspaper cutting from the local weekly advertisement that offers some discount deals. The best option would be to sign up for Pep Rewards, where you earn points and eventually use them for a bigger purchase!

The Pep Boys website offers a great learning process for customers who require some kind of a basic knowledge before buying their tires. The website is also extremely user friendly where all one needs to do is select between the various options available. From information to installation, Pep Boys got you covered. Whether you are unsure if you need new tires, or are wondering how to read the markings, the information you are looking for can be obtained on the website or just pick up the phone and talk to their personnel. You can shop by vehicle, or shop by tire size to find the perfect tire for your vehicle. For your convenience, you can choose to schedule installation, pick up your tires at your local store or have them shipped to your doorstep.